American Airlines Flexible Search Tips

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American Airlines’ Flex Awards allows you to secure one-way and multiple-class bookings with ease. You can change your booking in a snap, e.g., flying on first class on one trip and coach the next. Even as you take advantage of AA’s Flex Awards, your one-way mileage rate with American Airlines is only half of your MileSAAver or AAnytime round-trip rate.

Flex Awards is American Airline’s answer to people who like to travel on flexible dates. AA’s Our Dates Flexible feature allows you to look up flights up to 31 days in advance, and using this feature shows you the best fares to your destination.

How to Use AA’s Flexible Feature Tool:

Step 1 American Airlines Flexible Search Tips Simply select the Dates Flexible icon on American Airline’s homepage; alternately, click More Options.

Select American Airlines Flights
Step 2 American Airlines Search Tips Key in your airport information in the required field.

American Airlines required information
At that point the site shows you a list of available fares to choose from. American Airlines lists the prices for all flights from lowest to highest, and you can sort flights according to your flight’s number of stops.

Step 3 American Airlines Tips Choose your flights. The top page will show you flight search. Below that you will see two frames, each containing information on your departing and arriving flights. The same happens when you request a fare, which you can see on the site’s calendar.

Step 4 Flexible Search Tips - American Airlines Select how long you would like to stay in your destination.

American Airlines Calendar
The calendar also shows your applicable return date, which is based on your selected length of stay. Once you have selected your return date, choose your departure and arrival time from the list of available flights.

Step 5 Search Tips - American Airlines Enter the first day you want to depart and the last day you wish to return within a 31-day time frame.

American Airlines departure and return dates
Step 6 Flexible Search Tips Enter the number and types (adult, children) of passengers. Once you complete the passenger details page, confirm your itinerary.

Step 7 American Airlines Select your country of citizenship or origin and click Go.

American Airlines’ Dates Flexible feature locates the lowest fare to your desired destination. Using this feature does not require any online fee; you will need only a credit card to complete the transaction. Moreover, you have the flexibility to shop for competitive prices and schedules on other sites.

Summary of American Airlines selected flights
For another convenient search, use the site’s Search by Price & Schedule feature. This feature offers more flexibility, especially if you are shopping for a schedule and fare to meet specific travel needs.

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