Allegiant Air Flexible Search Tips

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Allegiant Air offers you a smooth and affordable air fare package and flies to more than 75 major American cities. This low-cost carrier flies to Mexico and Canada, too.

To get the full flexible search package, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 Allegiant Air Flexible Search Tips Enter Allegiant Air’s homepage and click the Start Your Vacation Package box.

Allegiant Air Vacation Promo

Step 2 Allegiant Air Search Tips Click Flight Only in the Start Your Vacation Package box.

Allegiant Air Flight box

This initiates your flexible dates search.

Step 3 Allegiant Air TipsType in your Departure and Destination City.

Step 4 Flexible Search Tips - Allegiant Air Enter your desired Depart and Return Dates.

Step 5 Search Tips Allegiant Air Enter the number of adults and children traveling with you.

Step 6 Allegiant Search Tips Click Search to look for your preferred flights.

At this point a screen will appear that says Your Vacation Package Search. Look for the Flight Only header in the top right corner of the screen if that’s what you prefer; alternately, choose another option related to package deals.

Choose Allegiant Air Flights
Inside the search box you will see your chosen cities, dates, and the number of passengers on your trip. Next you will see two calendars on the screen: one for your departure date and the other for your return flight date. Pay close attention to the “legend” to the right of the screen, which will show if the dates you prefer are available on the list of initial air fare.

Allegiant Air Fares
Step 7 Allegiant Air Tips Click the new date to change the date in your chosen month. The date will turn orange.

Step 8 Tips - Allegiant Air Click the blue arrows on both sides of the month to change the month of your departure and return.Once your new dates appear, click Select Flight.

Step 9 Search Tips for Allegiant Air A pop up box with your trip itinerary will appear that lists the departure and return flight details. Click the New Search button to find a new flight, or choose Continue to buy the fare for the flight.

Allegiant Air Travel Information
Take note that a promo suddenly appears before you can enter your passenger information, which you can skip by clicking No Thanks. Next type in your passenger information, and then click Continue.

Summary Allegiant Air Fares
A word on reservation: Allegiant Air offers pre-selected seats for all passengers. Seat selection and Priority Boarding requires fees. Read through the Consumer Tips in the summary page, then click Continue when are done.

Step 10 Allegiant Air Flexible Tips At this point you will get a summary of your itinerary as well as the total price of the flight.

If you are you are an active Allegiant Air member, you can log in to proceed and confirm your purchase; however, non-members must create an account before they can confirm their ticket purchase.
Follow the rest of the steps to pay and verify your ticket.

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