Can I Avoid Long Airport Security Lines And Custom Lines?

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How many times have you been anxious to get to your gate or grab a bite to eat before boarding your flight, only to find that there are 30 people ahead of you in the slow-moving security line? Airport authorities have made security a top priority, which in turn has caused travelers to spend even more time standing in long lines. There are, however, some techniques you can use to avoid long lines at the airport.

One of the best ways to avoid longer lines and hassles at the airport is to make sure that you aren’t carrying any liquids. Having liquids in your baggage will require you to take these liquids out for inspection, and opening and repacking it all over again can be a hassle.

On the day of your actual trip, be sure to wear socks and remember to bring along a plastic bag. By doing this, you’ll save time when you get to the point in the inspection when security personnel require you to take your shoes off.

The moment you are in the security line area, look for the line that has the most business travelers. Generally these people are experienced in security line navigation and are more likely to be in a rush to go faster and get through the line as quickly as possible.

As you move forward toward the front of the line, remember to take off your belt, cell phone, watch and other things that need to be removed. By putting them on your bag before getting into the front of the line, you will get through the security line faster, thus no time is wasted while standing there. As you approach the front of the line, quickly remove your shoes and put them in the plastic bag you bought with you. This is a great way to avoid waiting on the other end of the security line.

Pack your things smartly. Remember that items like flashlights may seem to be possible threats in an x-ray image, so be sure to put these types of things near the top of your bag so you can easily remove them. Do not pack big electronics gadgets; instead, put them in your carry-on bag so you can easily monitor them as well as quickly take them out for inspection. If you are bringing a gift, do not wrap it, as security officers at the airport will inspect each package individually; as such, if you have your gift wrapped, you will need to unwrap it again. Some security officers open these wrapped gifts quickly and neatly, but others will rip the wrapping off without trying to save it.

To avoid going back and forth, be sure to prepare the most important items that you need in your travel. Have your boarding pass ready as well as government-issued identification. If you do not have this type of ID, be sure to provide other acceptable documents the checking officer can use to verify your identity. Absence of these documents is sure to slow down the speed of the screening process.

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