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For every traveler, there is a faux pas waiting to happen that could easily be avoided if you spot it early in your travels. Here are some of the most common.

The first is the “heavy carry” mistake, which anybody that has ever been smacked in the head with an oversized backpack will understand. Those tiny upper bins in the airline cabin are tiny for a reason. They are not for heavy items–only for conveniences you might need during or immediately after your flight, or for baggage that is light enough to be carried with you instead of checked in with the flight attendant. Keep your carry-ons very light and avoid the hassle of struggling with large bags that are not designed to be carried with you into the cabin area.

Everyone’s favorite is the talker — the person sitting next to you who simply cannot stop talking and eventually becomes wearisome to everyone nearby. They talk and talk about everything you don’t want to hear, but you somehow decide to listen out of deference. Try to avoid the talker in you to keep the sitter next to you happy. If the person sitting next to you doesn’t look too interested, then take the hint, and put your nose into a book instead of trying to carry on an animated conversation. Taking something to read to help pass the time is always good advice for both long and short flights.

Another faux-pas is the “arm rest nest” — this is the person who cannot resist taking the arm rest for themselves, despite the fact that it was not made for just one person. Avoid this mistake by simply giving ample space to the other person. It is best to avoid the ire of another passenger for merely two more inches of arm space.

The bad bladder can become the mad bladder if you don’t plan for it. Always plan to visit the lavatory before you get into the boarding line. You can then avoid the trip to the lavatory in flight, and you also get the added benefit of not inconveniencing the person sitting next to you by asking them to get up while you exit your seat for the rest room visit. It is always better to visit the lavatory on land rather than the one in the air since they are always more spacious.

We hate to have to mention this but what would an article about Airline Etiquette be without: PLEASE NO FARTING ON THE AIRPLANE. Don’t try to hide it or pass it off on the little kid next to you. Stop, control yourself and think of others.

The “bad behavior passenger” is another one to avoid. This is the person who cannot control their behavior if things go wrong during the flight. Try to avoid becoming agitated when the inevitable flight delay or flight mishap occurs. Remember: The flight attendants usually have their hands full just dealing with what went wrong, without having to deal with out of control passengers. No one likes what is happening, and the flight attendants are just as much victims of circumstance as you. Try to see it from the flight attendant’s perspective, and you can avoid the volatile situation when it rears its ugly head. Stay encouraging to those around you, and you will make more friends than you realize for the effort.

Avoiding travel mishaps is always good advice, and planning ahead to avoid them is better still.

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