Guide To Booking The Best Airline Seats

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Picture this: You spent so much time finding the right perfect bargain for your flight, but as you walk on the plane on the day of your trip you end up in a seat that you don’t like. The seat is so rotten that even your success in bargaining for the price of the plane tickets can not make up for the fact that you are destined to a seat that you are not comfortable with.

Preference based on what is important to you as a passenger plays a vital role in determining where the best or worst seat is. Other factors include quick exits, leg room, and peace and smoothness on the whole trip. Many passengers dislike taking a seat in the middle of the plane because of its proximity to the bathroom.

So what are the seats that most people consider ideal? Aisle seats, windows seats, exit row seats, and seats located closer to the front of the plane are usually taken, since those are where most people prefer to seat. Different people have different reasons for choosing such seats. For short business trips, people may want to take aisle seats. For international flights, window seats are preferred since they are ideal for resting your head the moment the long hours of the trip takes its toll on you. For people who have trouble dealing with turbulence, seats positioned over the plane’s wings are generally preferred.

In order to book the best airline seats, one needs to carefully research what the possible options are before finalizing the booking. There are many online tools designed to provide travelers with important information regarding seats before they make a final decision. Several booking search engines on the web provide a list of flight options, aircraft that all airline companies use for various flights, and seats available in these flights. Be sure to take some time in examining all this information, as it can have a big impact on your travel. Most of the time seat selection while booking is free of charge; however, some airline companies charge for seat selection per person on a one-way trip if the tickets are on sale or promo fares.

If you want to end up at a seat that suits your needs best, try to look beyond the price. While the cost of the ticket may be your primary concern, getting cheaper tickets may not be worth the trade off if you’re uncomfortable. If you are a traveler who wants to start relaxing early, it is best to spend a little for yourself. If you want better value, better services, and better seats, you need to consider spending an extra dollar in order to get that.

If you are a frequent flyer, there is a good chance you can have the best seat in the airplane. Loyalty pays, so if you are flying frequently using primarily one airline company, the staff will recognize you as a valued customers; as such, you’ll often end up getting a little bit of VIP treatment and will have a better chance of getting into the seat that you like best.

Another way to book the perfect airline seat is to buy your plane ticket early. As the travel date draws nearer, the number of available seat assignment dwindles. Buying your ticket at least three weeks in advance is the best way to go. If that is not possible, be sure to check seat maps of your flight online. Remember to get to the airport earlier than usual so you can find out if online check-in is available.

Make it a point to confirm your seat the moment you check in. A lot of airline companies give their passengers the opportunity to do so using the Internet 24 hours before the actual flight departs. At this point, you have the ability to confirm the seat that you have chosen. If there are available seats, you can even pick the better ones as long if they are vacant.

If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask. The moment you reach your designated gate, feel free to ask whether new seats are open. A seat becomes vacant the moment a passenger decides to upgrade to business class or does not show up for the flight, so go ahead and try your luck. Request to change seat the moment that an upgrade occurs.

Try to be specific about your preferences. If you know exactly where you want to be seated, tell the agent. Do not give out vague instructions. If it’s 12A that you want, ask if 12A is available. By being straight to the point, you have a better chance of getting exactly what you want. For people who have medical and health issues, let the airline staff know about your current status. Telling them about your condition means they will likely exert extra effort in accommodating you. Be sure to approach the agents in a polite manner. Bear in mind that these people are trained to handle complaints and demands. They answer not only to your needs but to others as well.

If all else fails, consider getting an elite status on an airline. It is a common practice among Airline Company to give their elite customers a chance to pre-book the seat of their choice. If you fly frequently and think you will fly enough miles every year in order to qualify for elite status, go ahead obtain a membership.

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