Air Courier Flying: The Perks of Babysitting a Parcel

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The biggest issue travelers face is money. This is why people resort to air courier flying. A roundtrip plane ticket alone can cost you a huge chunk from your rainy day savings. And remember, we need extra funds to buy souvenirs and gifts. If only there was a way to cut cost while traveling by plane.

One way to do so is to get sponsored by a company on a business trip. However, such a trip schedule may be too packed to squeeze in some sightseeing. The best way to fly without spending a lot of money and compromising time spent abroad is by signing up as an air courier.

Air courier flying is not known and, therefore, is not a very popular way to travel cheap. It does not take much to sign up as an air courier — only the willingness to travel, even on short notice, and taking on the responsibility of meeting with representatives at the airport for a few minutes before starting your vacation.

When flying as an air courier, you basically work as a jet-setting freelance delivery man/woman. A delivery company instructs you to escort important cargo by plane. A portion of the air courier’s baggage allowance is used to ship these small yet valuable goods and/or documents quickly. The company gives you a discounted, sometimes even a FREE, roundtrip ticket to the air courier’s destination as compensation for your services.

An air courier acts as point person for the shipment. You must be responsible enough to carry the relevant paperwork for the shipment and ensure that that paperwork is delivered to its assigned destination. Once the paperwork and shipment have been successfully handed over, you are free to do as you please before taking your prescheduled flight back home. The work does not necessarily entail direct handling of the shipment.

For some, this might sound shady. Rest assured, however, that parcels sent through air couriers do not carry illegal firearms or drugs. Shipments are usually documents or packages that are too important to be sent simply by mail.

It goes without saying that you must be over 18 years of age and have a valid passport (preferably US or Canadian) to fly as an air courier. You must also be flexible when it comes to setting up work schedules and you must have no qualms about packing light and traveling alone.

People already subscribed to frequent flyer programs can accumulate points or miles while traveling as a carrier. This will eventually cut reduce your down travel costs even more. If reducing your cost of travel is your primary concern, air courier flying is the way to go.

There are disadvantages to flying as an air courier. Hopping from country to country can be stressful and schedules are usually erratic. The company may give up on a certain flight at the last minute and you have no choice about how long you can stay at a certain place. It is also difficult to travel with another person on the same flight, as the companion has to pay for his or her own ticket.

For people who love to travel and have a thirst for spontaneity and adventure, and all at the lowest cost possible, air courier flying is a fitting job. And with all of the traveling and sightseeing, it might not even feel like one.

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