Cocos Islands: Vacation Spots

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The Cocos Islands are flat, low-lying coral atolls, thickly covered with coconut palms and other vegetation. Cocos Islands will give you the ultimate tropical island holiday experience that you will remember forever. The Cocos Islands are a group of 27 small islands forming a U-shaped coral atoll; the picturesque natural environment and the balmy weather make it an ideal vacation destination. Cocos Islands lies 2750 kilometers northwest of Perth and 900 kilometers southwest of Christmas Island, which is the nearest neighbor. From breathtakingly beautiful sunsets to the myriad colors of the lagoons and reefs, swimming with the dolphins or snorkeling with the manta rays, Cocos Islands conjures up an amazing mix of experiences.


Cocos Islands BeachesThe palm-fringed beaches of Cocos Islands offer a secluded and laid back holiday destination, with varied accommodation available from cottages and studios to bungalows and houses. The islands are a pristine paradise and will give you a holiday experience like no other. But wait! It is not all about lazing around; if you wish you can indulge in snorkeling and fishing in one of the beautiful lagoons and reefs scattered about on the many islands. There are dive sites all around with the average temperature a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius. The waters abound in diverse kinds of corals and teem with marine life.


Ferry Around Cocos IslandsThere are two inhabited islands, Home Island and West Island. All the others are uninhabited, but Direction Island can be visited every Saturday by ferry. There is a ferry to Home Island where the local Australian-Malay community lives, and a visit enables the tourist to enjoy their hospitality and unique way of life. The shallow waters of the lagoon provide an opportunity for the adventurous to windsurf and kite-surf. West Island can be explored by bike, but a walk along the beautiful beaches offers spectacular views and sunsets.


Annual Events Cocos IslandsDuring traditional festivals and holidays, there are several organized events, including the Annual Lagoon Swim, a competition for swimming all the way from Home Island to West Island. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just joining in, everyone has great fun during the race and at the evening dinner and prize ceremony. Other events include the Cocos Ball, the Cocos Olympics and the Music and Wine Festival, and visitors are always welcome to participate. Then there are concerts, sports carnivals and much more, making Cocos Island a hub of sheer enjoyment and celebration.


Adventure Cocos IslandsThere are no posh resorts or luxury hotels at this destination, but what you will get in abundance is relaxation, sunshine and fun activities. It is a small piece of paradise for those visitors who value what it has to offer. The islands offer all kinds of natural wonders; dazzling sunsets, great fishing, snorkeling, warm lagoons, dancing dolphins and the lazy charm of quiet, isolated beaches.

You can enjoy biking, walking or take a glass-bottomed boat to cruise the clear waters. Forests filled with wild hibiscus and palm trees abound, while there are some local eateries which offer native cuisine. There is teeming marine life in the waters and underwater photographs can be taken of the many turtles, sharks, dolphins and all the colorful fish.

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