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One of the most populated areas in the world, Hong Kong offers its visitors an array of excitement, history, culture and fun. Wandering this metropolitan area will exemplify just how “east-meets-west” the culture tends to be! Tourists love stumbling across traditional noodle shops, Buddhist temples, comedy clubs, and even movie theaters with famous Hollywood films on the same block. Travelers looking for modern and historic adventures should surely visit Hong Kong.

Across the City on Foot
Trekking by Foot HongKongThis eccentric and entertaining metropolitan center also has waterfronts and beaches to offer. The Big Wave Bay is located north of the Shek O Country Park. Usually quiet, this beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming, and hiking. A day in the sun away from the bustle of the city may be needed somewhere in your visit. Visitors should hike to the prehistoric carvings above the Bay for their bit of daily history.Even further away from Hong Kong’s Center is Cheung Po Tsai Cave located on the far side of Cheung Chau Island. Once a hiding spot for pirates, many tourists are seen looking for treasure between the rocks. For a more developed waterfront, stroll past Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter off of Hung Hing Road. Filled with large and expensive boats, this yacht club is extremely exclusive. Across the bay is Kellet Island, easily accessible due to the long bridge.

Thrift Shops and a Wishing Tree
Wishing Tree Hong KongHong Kong, known for its shopping, has modern malls and traditional shops to choose from. The Jade Market, on Battery Street, primarily sells jade, but be sure to know what you’re buying in order to avoid being scammed! Also along the street there are fun souvenir shops and authentic eateries.

One of the more popular traditions in Hong Kong was to visit the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree with a wish in mind. Today, wishes are tied to racks instead of the tree after a large branch collapsed. Nearby are also fortunetellers, temples and great family owned restaurants. If looking for a luxurious night out, start at Amber on Queen’s Road. Perfectly located within walking distance to the waterfront, this high-class eatery pairs wine from its extensive list with whatever you’re eating. In the same neighborhood, Cavern, a popular club, has live music dancing and a busy bar scene.

Up 400 Stairs Through 10 Thousand Buddhas
Thousand Buddhas Hong KongTo truly experience the spiritual spots in Hong Kong travelers should visit 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. This eclectic monastery on Po Fook Hill actually contains 10,000 Buddha statues in all sizes. Be aware this monastery can be reached only by climbing around 400 stairs. Although it is do-able, wear sneakers and avoid visiting on rainy days.

Clearly, Hong Kong is a must for your vacation in Asia. With a bustling city center, shopping, historical sights and beaches, tourists have everything they need! Don’t worry about a language barrier here – Cantonese and English are official languages and most businesses and police speak both (look for a red label below police badges). Enjoy!

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