Asia Favorites – Guangzhou, China

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Guangzhou, known as a famous ancient port, served as the export-import capital for centuries. Over 2000 years old, this city explodes with goods from far away lands. Perfectly located on the Pearl River Delta for trade, Guangzhou incorporates different elements of foreign cultures into its own. The cuisine includes spices from the Middle East, ingredients from towns down river and an array of different recipes. International trading defined the city in its history and still does. Guangzhou is home to millions of people, colorfully alive with history and culture.

Temples and Towers
Pearl River Boat Tour Guangzhou, ChinaLocated three hours by bus from Hong Kong, Guangzhou’s many attractions make for a busy visit. Tourists often take a ride on a Pearl River boat tour to see the city from the water. As a main artery through the city, this serves as a wonderful and unique way to experience Guangzhou. Also, to be completed by 2009, a large sight seeing tower is under construction. The tower will provide a central location to see Guangzhou from above with a food court, shops, a museum and even the central TV broadcasting site. Guangzhou has many museums, churches and temples including theTemple of the six Banyan Trees. Originally built in 537, the temple attracts tourists and locals alike. The flower-like pagoda allows tourists to see the surrounding scenery while also housing cultural and Buddhist relics.

Family Affair
Guangzhou China Architecture and ArtVery popular among tourists, the Chen Clan Academy comprises an extensive network of traditional (yet exquisite) Chinese buildings, gardens and works of art. Also known as the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, this multipart structure includes peaceful gardens, long hallways lined with famous traditional art, and many different halls each decorated individually. The Academy is a must-see for all tourists because of its wealth of traditional Chinese architecture and art.

A Night at Shamian
Calm Destination Guangzhou, ChinaWhen visiting Guangzhou be sure to visit Shamian Island for an evening or day trip. This small island houses the current government buildings, but centuries of history lie beneath their current usage.With quiet tree-lined streets and many historical churches and trade posts, Shamian serves as a calm destination after visiting big cities. Many tourists choose to splurge with a stay at the 5-star White Swan hotel.

Guangzhou’s central location in Asia makes it a great spot for a stop on your itinerary. Comprehensive public transportation makes it easily attainable for a short or long visit. This city offers tourists an abundance of entertainment, history and culture.

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