Asia Favorites – Goa, India

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For your tropical vacation in Asia, Goa offers some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea, countryside hills and abundant palm trees, many tourists believe the following Goa villages epitomize Asian beach culture. Thirty minutes south of the capital city, Panaji, world travelers find the small beach village of Palolem. Best described by its soft white sand and blue waters, Palolem thoroughly relaxes its visitors with its scenery and low-key ambiance. Huts and small rooms provide accommodations directly on the beach;visitors can even find them builtout over the calm waters. Sunbathing, snorkeling/diving, private boat rides and the village nightlife all contribute to Palolem’s stellar reputation.

Bogmolo, Colva, Pernem
Explore Goa BeachesFor a safe and charming swimming beach most tourists visit Bogmolo south of Panaji. Because of its proximity to the airport, visitors know Bogmolo as one of the most accessible Goan beaches. That does mean that Bogmolo entertains large numbers of tourists depending on the season. With a lively shopping, eating and drinking scene, this village has endless forms of entertainment. However, if you desire a more private, less Westernized visit to Goa, explore Colva Beach instead. Colva Beach sees fewer tourists but offers the same stunning scenery. Small huts characteristic of Indian villages, cater to visitors looking for accommodations as well as those looking for quality authentic eateries. For beach camping, tourists usually go to the Pernem district, but know that Goa has barely developed these beaches for tourism.

Metropolitan Miramar
Water Sports Goa, IndiaDirectly adjacent to the capital Panaji, Miramar provides a bustling and well-developed beach great for a day outside the busy city streets. Water sports abound on Miramar dominated by Jet Skis and small boats. Water sport rentals are easy to find; also, many locals rent their own boats acting as a captain for tours, water sports or fishing.

Although Goa has a prime location for picturesque beaches, this location may also lead to its dangers. The currents on the aforementioned beaches can be treacherous. Be sure to swim only in on-duty lifeguard areas and follow the local warnings and advisories. Also, be aware that it tends to rain heavily from June to October! Plan your trip accordingly for the best temperatures, usually found in winter months through April and May.

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