Asia Favorites –Cheju Island, Korea – Jeju Island

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Cheju, a small island off the coast of Korea, hosts travelers of Asia for a relaxing portion of their trip. Filled with exotic plants animals and topography, Cheju attracts adventurist tourists and those just looking for a relaxing beach scene. The island offers not only exhilarating outdoorsy activities, but also calm beaches and a fun town with shopping and restaurants.

In the midst of thick forest, the ChunjeyunWaterfall falls out of nowhere into a deep calm pond. Feel free to take a guided tour packed with other bits of information and history, or take a bus from Cheju City and then partly hike to the waterfall yourself. This magnificent space astounds visitors. Another popular waterfall in a very different topical setting is the Chungbang Waterfall. It falls over the edge of a cliff high above the beach and ocean waters. The nearby Chungbang Cave can fill the day with natural wonders. To truly spend your day with Mother Earth, the Sugnsan’s Sunrise Peak has been noted as the best spot to watch the sunrise. The east-most point of Cheju can be reached by bus in an hour and 20 minutes from Cheju City. Be sure to plan accordingly and allot time to get settled before the sun starts to rise!

Cheju is known for it’s hiking. The trails range from easy and flat to harder and steeper. Nearest Cheju City, Kwanumsa Trailhas many stairs but the views are unbeatable. Fields of blooming azalea’s paint the hill sides in bright pink! In an hour of walking, climbers reach the Kwanumsa Temple best to mix some history in their day of nature!

The accommodations in Cheju satisfy all types of tourists. Larger hotels with all the amenities are most popular, but there are bed and breakfasts as well. Most tourists want to stay in Cheju City where there is the most to do and the best transportation options to see the rest of the island. However, Seogwipo City is also very popular. These hotels, located on the beach provide views, pools, tourist information and food.

Often visited by young couples, Cheju is romantic and serene; however, the aforementioned natural wonders of this island attract those looking for adventure as well. Enjoy your time on Cheju relaxing, shopping, eating, climbing or swimming!

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