Family Vacation on a Budget

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Cabin fever is on the rise. Families everywhere are coming down with it and there is even talk of a new, more anxious strain. It’s an epidemic! If you need a break from the daily grind, the family vacation is the cure. But you need to plan for it if you are on a budget. The additional expenses for those out-of-the-way adventures can eat your wallet before you realize how much you’ve spent. Planning for it can relieve you of your cabin fever, and help reign in those unneeded expenses.


Consider a Bed and Breakfast

Cheap Accomodation, Family VacationWhen you plan to get out of town you might consider booking a bed and breakfast, instead of a local hotel at your destination. Bed and breakfasts can save a bundle over the more traditional hotel room, and they have benefits all their own apart from the cost savings. The service is often second to none, and the personal attention is incomparable. And the local B&B can be an invaluable source of local getaways that are off the beaten path, and its more familiar family setting can also calm the nerves of younger travelers.

Cut the Kids some Slack and Relax

Family Vacation Tips for KidsYou don’t have to travel with the latest in high-tech gear if you want to travel by car to your destination. Keeping the kids busy can be done with a few easy tips for that long drive. Coloring books and crayons may well be the answer, and don’t forget to bring the colored pencils for the artful finer touch. For the longer drive, you might even consider planning a roadside picnic to cut the cost of fast food, and the scenery and open spaces to stretch the legs cannot be overstated when children are present. Letting the kids blow off some of that energy has been known to put them to sleep when you need to keep your attention on the road.

Mid-Week Booking Cuts You a Good Deal

Good Deal in your Family VacationFor the air traveling family, remember that many flight destinations can be reached in one or two hours on a plane, rather than a tiresome, day-long drive. And last-minute holiday deals can sometimes cut your costs substantially. Booking flights in the middle of the week can also snag some great deals for the budget conscious.

Plan B Saves the Day

Family Vacation AlternativesBack-up plans and an alternate itinerary can be an invaluable tool for the family on a budget. If your destination is closed or the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can still save the day by attending cultural events, museums, local theater, and even a family oriented play at the local playhouse. And those indoor events that specifically cater to families can be fun and rewarding, but you do have to plan for them ahead of time. You can visit the local visitor’s bureau to plan for that alternate itinerary once you get there, or you can visit their web site to check into alternate choices.

You Create Your Own Destination

Plan Your Own Family VacationFamily vacations on a budget can be planned within hours if you know where to look, and the budget getaway can save a dreary weekend during the vacation months. Plan ahead and you will share a memory that will last a lifetime.

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