Paradise for Seafood Lovers in Maldives

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For seafood lovers, the Maldives will not disappoint you. Maldives has everything you could ever dream of in the way of food and fun. The islands, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, is truly a diamond of Asia.

Seafood as Fresh as Beaches

Fresh Seafoods Maldives


The beaches are stunning—but the food is no less amazing. Fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean is sent directly to your plate at every meal. You’ll find a tasty array of lobster, scallops, octopus, squid, tuna, and many other types of fish and fresh seafood, prepared in the most appealing and exotic ways, and at very reasonable prices.

Spicy but Sweet

Spicy and Sweet Cuisine Maldives


The food in Maldives does have a touch of spice to it, although it is not as fiery as the food of many of the other countries in South and Southeast Asia. The touch of spice is almost always balanced with a bit of sweet flavor, often derived from the ever-prevalent coconut.

Tropical Dessert

Refreshing Maldives DessertYou’ll often start out your meal with a fish soup known as garudhiya, maybe with a side dish of fried yams. After dinner, you may select a tropical dessert—like many other tropical countries, desserts in the Maldives tend to be based on locally-grown tropical fruit.

Besides mainstream restaurants, you’ll find many small cafes that offer light meals and snacks.

Tea and Tippling

Strong Black Tea MaldivesYou’ll usually find strong, black tea available as a common beverage. If you’re at a tourist resort, you can have a beer or glass or wine with dinner, but outside the resort areas, alcohol is prohibited, as are pork products.

The striking beauty of the Maldives continues to draw tourists from around the world, and the local restaurant community has had to adapt to the Western palate. Although the local food is wonderful and the seafood always fresh, you’ll find plenty of your back-home favorites as well. But don’t settle for pancakes in the morning, burgers at noon and steak and potatoes at night—take advantage of the “Maldivian Night” featured at many of the resorts, which delivers a delightful array of strictly local food.

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