If You Love Rice and Curry, You will Love Sri Lankan Food

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Most people know Sri Lanka as a land of tea. The best quality teas in the world are exported from Sri Lanka, but this country’s charm isn’t limited to what it produces to drink. It is also very well known for excellent cuisine.


A Thousand and One Curry Concoctions

Sri Lanka Curry CuisineRice and curry are the culinary mainstays in Sri Lanka, and locals will often even enjoy it for breakfast first thing in the morning. But as much as the locals love their curry, the food here is quite unique and varied. There are thousands of ways to make curry, and you’ll never get tired of it. Most dishes have plenty of vegetables, prepared with either meat or fish. A curry dish is usually accompanied by a crispy pappdam.

Usually, you won’t just try one curry, you’ll get a selection of several different types, along with a plate of rice. Mix the curry with a little rice to try each one. In more traditional restaurants and in peoples’ homes, you mix the curry with rice to make a little ball, and eat it with your hands.

Herbs for Health

Health Benefits of Herbs, Maldives


The food here is quite distinctive, with some influence from India, but you’ll also see some influence from the Dutch and Portuguese here and there. Like in India and Thailand, the individual herbs and spices used in much of the local cuisine are associated with specific healthful properties.

Tea or Coconut Milk?

Sri Lanka, Tea Capital in the WorldWonderfully sweet and juicy tropical fruits are abundant and form the base of many desserts. And naturally, you’ll enjoy tea everywhere, as Sri Lanka is the tea capital of the world. If you’re not in the mood for tea, you can pick up a coconut milk drink anywhere alongside the road.

You’ll find the food there to be remarkably inexpensive, even in the tourist spots. Many locals eat with their fingers, using the right hand only, but if you ask, most restaurants and food stalls will provide you with a fork and spoon.

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