Sri Lanka

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This jewel of Asia is a wonder of the modern world all by itself. With people who smile, and a life of serenity and peaceful living found nowhere else, Sri Lanka has a world of enjoyment that will surely be one of your best vacation paradises ever. It is here, in the very heart of Asia that Sri Lanka can shine and warm the tourist with its exotic beauty and its wonderful landscapes and its people who treasure the Sri Lankan way of life. Its amazing wildlife will stun and enchant you as you take in the lush greenery and spectacular views that Sri Lanka offers. It is the ruby of Asia, and a wonderful way to spend your next vacation.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Water Adventure Sri LankaSri Lanka offers some of the best tourist attractions in all of Asia. Sri Lanka has a wonderful world of canoeing and kayaking for the fun and adventurous at heart. Many of the hotels can even give you the best deals on touring and canoeing guides to help you plan your outing on the water. With lush green scenery beckoning you to sight see from your own kayak or canoe, the unique ideas for day touring in Sri Lanka are whale and dolphin watching. During the season from November to March, some of the best whale watching anywhere can be had for the price of a boat ticket to your destination. There are a number of whales and dolphin species to watch in these unique waters, and they are certain to not disappoint the seasoned traveler. Some of the best watching is on the west coast in locations around Kalpitiya. The hotels in the whale and dolphin watching area offer the best guides to plan your day, and they are happy to cater to your interests.

Sri Lankan Safari

Explore Sri Lanka SafariAnd what of the safari adventure? Sri Lanka has you covered there as well. We offer safari trips to the lush scenic outdoors, and you will not be disappointed with the wildlife and its natural beauty. Here in the heart of Sri Lanka, you can walk with the elephants, take the trail of the butterflies to the sea, and with over 100 natural wildlife preserves for the tourist, Sri Lanka will never disappoint the discriminating taste. And for the truly wild outdoor types, there is caving, where you can explore and photograph the local caves in the countryside. These areas offer some of the very best caves to view anywhere in the world, and some have yet to be explored. This is an experience not to be missed for the adventurer.

And then there is the people and its rich history and sites to be explored. The people here have a way of life that captures the imagination and fills the senses with excitement and joy. Visit Sri Lanka, the wonderful and enchanting land of Asia that awaits the traveler and the adventure seeker alike.

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