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Singapore is known as one of the premier shopping destinations in Asia. But after hours on end of shopping, walking through bazaars, and carrying all those heavy bags, you need to relax. Your feet are tired, and your muscles ache.


A Slew of Spa Sensations

Traditional Asian Spas in SingaporeFortunately for the dedicated shopper, Singapore has the spa experience that delivers. The relaxing treatments and traditional Asian massages will get you ready for another day out on the town, and the next morning you’ll feel ready once again to hit the stores.

Therapeutic treatments in Singapore range from traditional massage, to other types of Asian treatments from other countries, including Ayurvedic therapy and aromatherapy.

Super Spas and the Shangri-La

Singapore Super Spas and the Shangri-LaOne of the largest and most luxurious spas, not only in Singapore but all of Asia, is the Amrita Spa, which has a full three levels of facilities. The Estheva Spa is a ladies-only center that has a more European style of treatment; and the Aspara, in the Goodwood Park Hotel, features both Swedish and Indonesian massage as well as a Dead Sea salt treatment.

Singapore’s only beachfront hotel, the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa resort, is located on Discovery Island on Silosa Beach. It’s close to the main business area, but offers a great getaway and a tropical and peaceful environment. And needless to say, it’s close enough to the shopping district, so the dedicated shopper can have the best of both worlds.

Quick Fix at City Spas in between Shopping

Singapore Spa and ShoppingFor those of you that are outright shopping fanatics, even fifteen minutes away may be too much, but not to worry, there are excellent resort and spa hotels right in the city center. The Grand Hyatt is right in the Orchard Road precinct, so you can literally walk right outside the front door and start your shopping vacation. And when you get tired and those feet start to falter, you won’t have far to go to enjoy some much-needed rejuvenation. The wellness retreat and spa facilities at the Hyatt are vast and include a variety of treatments with Chinese, European, Indian, and Malay influence.

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