Spa vacations in the South Pacific

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Spa vacations in the South Pacific
Spa vacations in the South Pacific.
Spa treatment is the ultimate in vacation-time indulgence. At the many resort spas throughout the South Pacific, you can enjoy being pampered to the extreme, enjoy invigorating massage, body and skin treatments, and other natural therapies that are designed to rejuvenate and refresh you. And what’s more, you get the added bonus of enjoying all that in an exotic, tropical environment. What better way is there to give your body, mind and soul a complete makeover, and de-stress from the daily routine of your life than a break at a fabulous South Pacific island spa resort?Indulging in a spa treatment in such fabulous surroundings is an experience like no other. The wonderful spa resorts at these locations offer world-class treatments with an environment that is unmatched in beauty and grandeur. Throughout the South Pacific, there are destinations which offer the ultimate in holistic spa experience, in unbelievable surroundings. The spa resorts are modern, comfortable and elegant, sitting squarely in the middle of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world.

World famous spa therapies

Spa vacations in the South Pacific  Therapies at South Pacific resort spas have become world-famous for their powerful and compelling combination of traditional and modern, frequently combining techniques that are thousands of years old with New Age innovations. You’ll find the greatest (and must unusual) combination of oil, herbs, fruit and creams that look more like something you should cook with than rub on your skin, but the soothing and relaxing effect is undeniable. Papaya and coconut on your body and slices of cucumber over your tired eyeballs? Sure, you may look like a fruit salad, but you’ll walk away refreshed, and your skin will feel great. You’ll be ready to face the world once again.And in the South Pacific, massage is never just massage. There are dozens of different methods, ranging from the gentle to the vigorous “deep tissue” beating that pounds your muscles and then bends your limbs in ways you never could have imagined. If it sounds punishing, it is-but you’ll be surprised at how invigorating it can be, and how such a treatment can renew your muscles and work out all the kinks that have been there for years.

Beautiful Spa Locations

Spa vacations in the South Pacific  While most of the South Pacific spa experience is decidedly physical, there is a significant mental element to it as well. Part of what makes the spa experience so superb in the South Pacific goes beyond the specific treatments. It’s the surroundings. If you’re sitting on a massage table in a hut overlooking the Pacific, with relaxing music playing, gentle herbal aromas penetrating the air, and a relaxing cup of hot tea waiting for you, the technique doesn’t even matter as much. You could have a monkey jumping up and down on your back and it would still be a pleasant experience. The therapists and masseuses are to be sure, quite skilled though, and their skilled hands will no doubt sooth your tired muscles-but there’s just something about the South Pacific air and the natural surroundings that make everything a little better.The spas at Fiji have become world-renowned for their beautiful locations, the treatments and the soothing calm of the surroundings. But a massage is never just a massage, and you’ll find an incredible variety of different spa treatments available throughout the South Pacific islands. Have an aromatherapy massage or a papaya body wrap to eliminate the toxins or a facial to soothe away your cares. Or you can opt for a traditional Bobo massage, which is a healing blend of massage with local nut oils, a Duavata island-style four-handed massage, or Thalgo algae therapy that incorporates hot and cold stones with an algae wrap for a surprisingly relaxing experience.When you visit Tahiti, you’ll border on sensory overload with the soft sea winds and fragrant air, pure waters and soft sounds. Tahiti is an experience you will cherish and remember forever. The tradition, culture and spirit of Polynesia is mirrored in Tahiti’s spa treatments, where natural resources are used, nature is revered and there is a special celebration of the youth and beauty that is within us. There are several resorts and wellness centers, which offer the most specialized spa treatments, such as face and body therapy, massages and open-air Vichy showers. The resorts sometimes have overwater bungalows, so the physical and mental rejuvenation blends with the spectacular visual landscape to create the ultimate package for a spa holiday.Every island has its own specialty. Guam, another little-visited tropical haven, has several treatments available, and many of the luxury hotels there include fabulous spa facilities with facial and body treatments, massages, Jacuzzis, and outdoor Vichy showers.

Australia and New Zealand

Spa vacations in the South Pacific  Let us not neglect Australia and New Zealand when considering spa resort vacations. These regions are also well known for natural spa treatments, and New Zealand in particular is rich in natural, organic hot springs that make the perfect setting for a spa outing with the therapy coming straight from the earth itself. Rotorua and Taupo both offer therapeutic mud baths and hot springs, and there is no shortage of day spas for helping you to de-stress from the day’s activity. Longer-term packages focus on pampering you in any one of many choice locations throughout New Zealand, offering a blend of yoga, meditation, and cleansing along with revival therapies and stunning natural settings.And there is a lot more to Australia than boomerangs, kangaroos and Vegemite on bread. Here is where you can enjoy incredible spa treatments in natural surroundings and wide open spaces. We all need to get away occasionally and recoup from our daily grind, and Australia, with the natural properties of its forests and beaches offers a choice of spas and specialist health resorts, to give you the ultimate getaway.Whether you want to go in for the soothing oil flow of an authentic Ayurvedic Shirodhara massage or a treatment with hot stones on your chakra points, the day spas in Australia have a complete range of remedial treatments available. Skin treatments vary from mud wraps to sea salt exfoliations that almost give you the feel of a new skin! Australian spas are to be seen in some of the most picturesque locations in the country, so that after your intense treatment period or a yoga and meditation session, you can wander along tree-lined beaches or dive into a water-world of coral reefs and teeming marine life.
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