Indonesia and Bali, the Spa Capital of Asia

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Indonesia, and specifically the island of Bali, has been famous for traditional massage for years. This healing tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, and incorporates natural herbal treatments as well as a relaxing massage.


Water-Method Treatment

Indonesia and Bali Water Method Treatment No matter where you are in Indonesia, you’ll find a wide variety of spas with an incredible array of treatments. Beyond massage, spas in Indonesia offer a complete balance of treatment for beauty, health, and relaxation. Traditionally, water is at the foundation of the spa experience in Indonesia, as traditional belief sees water as a source of both physical and spiritual energy. Cosmetic treatments revolve around herbal treatments meant to rejuvenate the skin. But you’ll be delighted to find out that Indonesian spa treatments involve not just putting exotic ingredients on you, but in you as well; and you’ll enjoy a variety of traditional medicinal teas and drinks. Chances are, if you go for a massage, you’ll be offered jamu, a drink made from roots and herbs that is meant to serve as a remedy for all manner of minor ailments. Don’t worry though, it won’t hurt you, and it may well help you. It looks like mud and doesn’t taste good, but the locals swear by it—and it’s available everywhere.

Traditional to Bizarre Spas

Jamu Treatment in Bali SpasThere are well over 200 full-featured spas in the country. Many of these are located in the island paradise of Bali, and you’ll find spa treatments at just about every hotel on the island. No matter what type of spa treatment you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it here; from the traditional to the bizarre. You’ll find hotels with meditation centers, cosmetic healing and skin treatments, foot massage, hand massage, and nourishing treatments for the scalp and hair. There is even a spa in Bali that specializes in jamu treatments. The Jamu Spa offers a variety of treatments revolving around centuries-old beliefs. But if you’ve sampled the local jamu and don’t care for it, don’t worry, you’re not going to have to take a bath in it. The Jamu Spa actually offers treatments with a variety of exotic, and better-smelling ingredients, including cocoa bean, vanilla, papaya, and even coffee.

Letting off steam in hot springs

Indonesia Hot SpringsYou don’t have to go to Bali though, you’ll find spa resorts throughout Indonesia. Both Java and Jakarta have plenty to offer as well, with many of the hotels also offering very thorough spa facilities and elaborate treatments. In some of the areas outside of town you’ll find spas with natural volcanic hot springs for an extra special experience. The Javana spa, two hours from Jakarta and near the rainforest, is surrounded by natural waterfalls, and features a Japanese-style sulfur bath with water from the hot springs of Mount Salak. In West Java, you’ll find the Grage Sangkran Hotel Spa, which features a natural, mineral-rich hot water pool.

Space for peace

Relaxing Environment of Indonesia and Bali SpasYou’ll enjoy the spas there not just for the treatments, but also for the surroundings. The spas tend to be designed for peace of mind, with relaxing environs that often include lush gardens, lotus ponds, and waterfalls, making the atmosphere perfect feng shui for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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