Shopping in Nepal—A Traveler’s Guide

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It is an absolute pleasure to shop in Nepal. Starting with local handicrafts, Kashmiri shawls, and Tibetan art items and Chinese goods, a typical market in Nepal is a sheer delight to experience. Gorgeous kaftans with hand woven embroidery dot the local markets. You can purchase everything in the local bazaars for an affordable price; however, bargaining is recommended if you are going for something big and expensive. Kathmandu is the ideal place to shop for local items such as costume jewelry, miniature paintings, and other handicrafts.

Traditional items

Craftsmen of Nepal


Thousands of years ago, the craftsmen of Nepal were revered in the royal courts of China for their artistic abilities. The influence of these master craftsmen is still evident when you see the beautiful traditional items that are widely sold in the markets throughout the country. Following are some valuable traditional products of Nepal:

Hand-made clothing

Nepal Traditional Clothing


The markets in Nepal are full of hand-made garments that include jackets, trousers, caps and much more. Beautiful, hand-crafted embroidery is often incorporated into these hand-made garments. Made out of leather, silk, and wool, hand-made clothing from Napel make wonderful gifts and excellent souvenirs.


Kathmandu, Nepal Jewelries and GemsIf you love jewelry, Kathmandu is the place for you. Don’t miss the vibrant international glass bead market in the Ranki Bazaar that is situated off Indrachowk. You will also find plenty of rings, traditional beads, and gold and silver bracelets, as well as Tibetan jewelry in the markets of Kathmandu.

Just the place for Gems. You will find a rich collection of gems in Kathmandu, which offers one of the largest assortments of loose gems in South Asia. Popular gems found in the area include quartz, ruby, epidate, aquamarine, and many more. Since these stones are mined in the mountains and high hills of Nepal, they are available at very affordable prices.

Traditional implements

Khukuri, Traditional Knife of Nepal


Nepal is the place to buy a Khukuri, a curved metal knife that was used by Gurkha soldiers to fight wars. This traditional knife is a symbol of pride and valor for the people of Nepal. This knife makes a great souvenir, too—although check with the airline to make sure you can take it back home with you before buying.

Traditional Nepalese Paper

Traditional Nepalese Paper


The traditional Nepalese paper that has gained international recognition by being used for UNICEF greeting cards is made of lokta (daphne) bark that is mostly found in the hills of Nepal. This paper has a strong texture and has been widely used for producing commercial stationery, as well as decorative items such as lampshades.

Beautiful pottery

Kathmandu, Nepal PotteryPotters in the Kathmandu valley are well known for creating beautiful pottery items. You can see the expert potters as they work in Bhaktapur, or “potter’s square,” where you can also buy unique and highly decorative souvenirs.


Other souvenirs

Nepal Oil Lamps and Unique SouvenirsDecorative art pieces such as hanging oil lamps, water jars (Karuwas), liquor jars (antis), and many others make unique souvenirs that you can take back home.

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