Pink Pearls in Bangladesh

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If you’re going through South Asia, a detour through Bangladesh will be well worth your while. This fascinating, unexplored country with a rich history presents you with a great opportunity not only to experience its legendary hospitality, but incredible bargains as well. The handicrafts are truly amazing, and you’ll find them everywhere at prices you won’t believe. Tourism has not come to Bangladesh in full force, so coming here is a great opportunity to experience the real local culture. The natural wonders of this country are worthy of exploring, and the environment is always peaceful and relaxing. Shopping in Bangladesh is unlike shopping anywhere else, because of the lack of tourism. While in other major cities around the world, you’ll see shopping malls and bazaars geared towards the Western tourist, Bangladesh is the real deal. You may have to hunt longer and harder to find that treasure, but when you do find it, you’ll treasure it for a lifetime.

Dhaka’s Rare Pink Pearls

Dhaka, Bangladesh Pink PearlsDid you know that not all pearls are white? The rare black pearl of the South Seas for example, is a costly treasure. Bangladesh is famous for its the pink pearl, and you can find them here. Look for pink pearls with good lustre and shape. Although you can find them anywhere in the country, the markets in Dhaka are best known for them. These beautiful pearls are among the most unique in the world, found only around this part of South Asia. While most freshwater pearls are cultured, the Bangladesh pink pearls are actually harvested in the wild.

Gold, Silver, and Ornate Trinkets

Bangladesh Gems and Jewelries


But if you’re a jewelry addict, don’t stop with the pearls. Bangladesh is also very well known for gold and silver jewelry, and the highly detailed silver designs are simply amazing. You’ll also find an abundance of costume jewelry, as well as silk fabrics and embroidery in most of the shops, as well as items such as handbags and wallets made from animal skins.

Good Buys at the Duty-Free Shop

Bangladesh Airport ShopsUnlike airport shops in the rest of the world, the duty-free shop in the international airport offers quality goods at very reasonable prices.

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