Malaysia: A shopper’s haven

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Shopping in Malaysia is a true delight and every shopaholic’s dream come true. There is so much to look forward to, and you’ll feel spoiled with all the choices presented to you. Visitors will be delighted with the heady mix of up-market malls as well as local shops that sell a variety of attractive items.

Fashion Statement

Local Fashion and Handicrafts in MalaysiaConveniently situated at the crossroads of Asia, Malaysia offers its visitors unique and diverse shops and markets. If you’re taking a tour of Southeast Asia, your trip won’t be complete without visiting Malaysia—but bring an extra suitcase, because you’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices of local handicrafts and branded items.

You can pick up local handicraft items in the local markets. These items include delicately designed silver, brass, rattan, and pottery. Malaysian Batik is also popular for its dazzling designs and bright colors.

Malaysian people love fashion, and there are many shopping areas that cater to their demands. You will find a range of designer wear and international brands in most of the shopping malls and complexes.

Bargaining Technique

Malaysia Bargains and Deals The exchange rate in Malaysia is also comfortably low for Western visitors, which makes your shopping experience all the more satisfying. Certain products are also exempt from duty, making Malaysia a favorite shopping destination in Asia. Bargaining is also common, especially in the smaller stores. You can have great fun bargaining with the vendors for clothes, electronics and souvenirs. Don’t rush the process. If you want to buy an item from a local vendor, wait for the seller to give you a good price, and then bargain slowly on your own schedule. Eventually, you will get what you want, and at a very affordable price.

Where to go

Shopping Destination in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia A vibrant shopping area, Bukit Bintang offers many ideal shopping centers all in one area, such as KL Plaza, BB Plaza, and Lot 10. You can fully satisfy your shopping urges in this area, and pick up items like clothes, shoes, furniture, or even electrical appliances. Shopping here is usually very affordable, and you can find good quality products at all of Bukit Bintang’s shopping venues.

The Mid Valley MegaMall in Kuala Lumpur is a shoppers’ paradise. The large mall is adjacent to two large and comfortable hotels, so for the dedicated shopper, this is the place to go. The mall provides many attractive shops and entertainment centers. The lower floor offers a variety of food items with international cuisine. The ground floor as well as first floor offers international as well as local items. On the second floor you will mostly find décor and home appliances. The third floor is known as the entertainment floor. The only thing to be wary about is the annoying traffic during the busy weekends.

The Utama Shopping Centre, in Bandar Utama, is more commonly known as 1U, and is one of Malaysia’s best shopping malls. This huge mall provides six floors of endless shopping. The mall is divided between the “old wing” and the “new wing”, as the locals call them. You will find a plethora of international brands finding their way into this mall. Almost everything and anything is available in this impressively designed mall, from clothes to home décor to electrical appliances. You can also enjoy the bowling alley and a rock climbing gym right inside the mall. Make sure that you start early in the morning to have time to take in all the things that this splendid mall has to offer.

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