Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon

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Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon

You’ll take a great many trips, vacations, and expeditions throughout your lifetime, but there’s nothing like the honeymoon. This is the vacation of all vacations, the one you plan for and look forward to the most. The most romantic holiday of all, and the one you will remember forever. More than any other vacation, this one is full of meaning, memories and romance.This is the vacation for romance, and the most romantic location in the world is in the South Pacific. Honeymooners have long held the South Pacific islands as the ideal spot for that special trip, and it is without a doubt one of the most romantic destinations imaginable. What could be more romantic than enjoying the warm, tropical waters of Fiji, or Tahiti; strolling hand in hand along the sparkling, clean sand, and enjoying the indulgent luxuries of the many feature-rich resorts along the coastline?

Romantic Resorts

Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon Whether you’re headed to Samoa, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea or exotic Vanuatu, you’re sure to find a romantic resort to suit your budget and taste. It’s easy to find a beautiful hotel right on the beach; after all, these are islands and there is nothing but coastline.The resorts throughout the South Pacific island coastlines are made with romance and honeymoons in mind. Whether it’s a five-star hotel and spa, or a cozy bungalow, you’ll always be only steps away from the sand.The high-end resorts cater to your every whim, but you may want something out of the ordinary. The South Pacific has rooms that are like no other room in the world. Chances are good you’ll get an ocean view, but the ocean view may not just be outside your window. You can stay in an over-water bungalow in French Polynesia, enjoying a private world set apart from the other tourists, where nobody exists but you and your loved one. You can see the water underneath you from a partial glass floor, and when you’re hungry, someone from the kitchen will come out to you in a canoe to bring you breakfast in bed. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.And if you really want that deserted island feel, the small, remote islands around the main islands of French Polynesia afford the perfect getaway.

Honeymoon Spa Treatments

Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon Honeymoons are meant to be a time when you indulge yourself and each other without hesitation. On that special trip to the South Pacific, you can be pampered every step of the way by staying in one of the many fabulous spa resorts. The treatments, therapeutic massages, facials and skin treatments are a sheer delight, giving you both a way to achieve the ultimate in escape and relaxation. You’ll feel better than you ever have, enjoying the fantastic hot springs and natural mud baths of Fiji, the sweet indulgence of traditional massage in Bora Bora, or a fragrant bath with sea salt and natural vanilla.Needless to say, most of the spa facilities provide for couples treatment, which is the ultimate in romantic indulgence, laying side by side in a tropical paradise, enjoying the sweet aroma of jasmine and the gentle sound of the ocean.

Adventure Honeymoon

Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon If your tastes run more to adventure than exquisite pampering, then an adventure honeymoon is the answer, and the South Pacific has the location. The islands are full of excellent jungle treks through the interior, where you can come face-to-face with brightly colored birds and exotic flora, completely surrounded by the wild sounds and scents of the tropical jungle.Or, head to Fiji, and hitch you and your new spouse to a zip line for the ride of a lifetime. Starting in the tropical forest, you can go from platform to platform above the forest canopy, getting a fabulous view or the jungle below as you glide effortlessly above the wildlife for the most unique bird’s-eye view ever. There are incredible trekking trails if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, and you can head over to American Samoa to the American Samoa National Park, which spreads over three islands and includes some of the most fabulous and adventurous trekking trails in the entire South Pacific, ranging from gentle, easy paths, to more rigorous hiking trails. Regardless of the trail you choose, the scenery is sure to be grand.

The Romance of the Ocean

Your romantic South Pacific honeymoon There is an inexplicable draw to the Pacific Ocean when one seeks romance. It beckons from afar, no matter how landlocked your home may be, the ocean calls you, and when you reach it, it heightens the senses and fills you with romance. Here, you have it in abundance, and the ocean is everywhere. The beaches are, needless to say, stupendous. The sand is pristine, the water warm, and the amenities are superb.You and your loved one can enjoy strolling along the warm sandy beaches, and take time to enjoy the fabulous warm water and what lies beneath. Live in the Midwest and never been to the ocean? Doesn’t matter. Take a beginner’s snorkeling class together. You won’t have to even go very far out into the water to witness the spectacular colors that lay waiting for you underneath the calm waves of the Pacific. You’ll see some of the largest coral reefs in the world in Fiji on the Coral Coast, not too far off the main beaches. It’s pure excitement when you’re underwater and you pass by a school of brightly colored tropical fish, or see a giant sea turtle lumbering along the bottom.You can also enjoy the romance of the ocean from aboard a marvelous cruise ship, which will take you on a wonderful tour of the remote islands in luxury. It’s easy to pick up a ride on a small yacht owned by a local tour company, or you can opt for the more opulent cruise ship, which caters to your every need as you go island hopping and marvel at the spectacular landscapes and look lovingly into one another’s eyes by the deep blue sea.
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