Honeymoon in Indonesia

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Suppose for a moment that you decided after your special day to go to an exotic land surrounded with turquoise seas, scenic beauty that astounds and excites the passions, and spectacular views of the oceanic lifestyle of the islands. Well, what are you waiting for? Indonesia, the land of thousands of tropical paradise islands, is waiting for you. These are islands waiting to be explored and enjoyed for that special vacation of a lifetime. Indonesia is the perfect honeymoon getaway for those who desire the beauty of the islands, and accommodations that will take your breath away.

Breathless in Bali

Perfect Tropical Paradise, BaliThe perfect place to start is in Bali. Bali is full of exciting adventures for you to explore, and romance everywhere you look. Visit the temples and mosques for example, or the scenic mountains with lush greenery that is the island paradise you dream about in Indonesia. But this is just the beginning. Bali is an island paradise full of beauty and spectacular adventures for the young honeymooner and the young at heart. A tropical paradise with humid climate and beaches with stunning views, Bali beaches are wonderful to enjoy together for those perfect memories on your honeymoon. Enjoy the scenery, relax in perfect comfort, and feel the warm tropical sun against your face while you bask in summer fun.

Regarding Religion

Experience the Beauty of IndonesiaBut Indonesia is also home to thousands of native species for you to explore and see with your own eyes. The natural ambiance and lush green forests are only the first of many pleasures that await the honeymooning couple. Sightseeing the majestic Hindu temples and religious venues is one of the many highlights of the Bali experience. Bali residents are religious by nature and often their religious beliefs reflect their island roots. Bali residents have a rooted traditional culture that enchants westerners, and their religious celebrations are a joy to watch for the traveler and the resident alike.

Going Up to Ubud

The Art and Culture of IndonesiaMany travelers to Indonesia are intrigued by the possibility of souvenirs and other shopping adventures, but if you go into the mountains away from the big cities, you’ll find Ubud—a unique community that has been getting attention for some time as a great up-and-coming alternative to other Indonesian destinations. Artisans of many types dot the shopping and cultural landscape there. Carving wooden crafts and creating artistic handicrafts that you’ll long to take home with you, many artists work from their own homes and sell them on the streets for the tourists who appreciate their talents. Painters are part of the cultural landscape as well, and their wares vary widely from land- and seascapes to abstract, traditional, modern, and realism. Artists are found nearly everywhere on the island, including the indoor and outdoor market places.

Strictly Private

Romantic Walks through IndonesiaFor a real treat, honeymoon travelers can visit Maya Ubud, not far from the town. It features posh living and dining, spacious living quarters for those quiet moments to reflect, and lush green forests that surround the resort and provides the beauty that stuns even the most seasoned traveler. Private villas dot the resort, and the winding mountain streams are a great place for romantic walks just waiting to take the couple away into another time and place beneath the canopy of green tropical forest.

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