Honeymoon in China

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There is something mysterious about China and the Orient that has fascinated western travelers for centuries. It is a land of tradition, history, religion and culture. And it is the perfect getaway honeymoon spot for that special day when couples everywhere join in ceremony and ritual for a lifetime of shared memory and shared experience. And all of this can be yours for a fraction of the price of a similar vacation in another part of the globe. China and its people are vibrant and exciting, traditional and modern, and they are inquisitive and warm to foreign travelers.

Scaling your Love Against the Great Wall

Locking your Love at the Great Wall, ChinaBut for honeymoon adventurers, China is the place to visit for that charming hospitality that foreigners have grown to love and respect. For the honeymoon couple who wants to be pampered, accommodated, and treated uniquely for that special day, there is no better place than a holiday in China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

China’s vastness lends itself to a long stay. Where do you start? China offers an incredible diversity of culture, cuisine, and romantic spots, from remote Yunnan, to the ever-busy city of Beijing, to the wonderful seaside resorts that make a perfect ending to a perfect trip. Perhaps the best place to start your honeymoon is the best known attraction to visit: the Great Wall. It is here that this ancient civilization built one of the greatest achievements in history. And it is here that so many travelers come for the romance, the amazing scenery, and the exotic memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine walking the ancient cobblestones atop the Great Wall; or seeing the ancient ruins of a Buddhist temple built in the fifth century; or perhaps visiting the Forbidden City, where ancients were forbidden to tread unless given permission to do so by the Emperor; or perhaps relaxing at one of the world’s most luxurious resorts nestled in the midst of an animal sanctuary where the Panda bear is studied in its natural habitat. Surely this country has been blessed with exotic places to visit, luxury hotels that charm and excite, and scenic beauty that is some of the most breathtaking anywhere in the world.

Free Love in the Forbidden City

Romantic City for Honeymooners, ChinaThe honeymoon experience in China is exquisitely designed to be the romantic getaway you envision. Chinese romantic retreats offer a full range of guest accommodations from spacious modern suites to stylish amenities with panoramic views of the exotic Forbidden City, and highly personalized service for your every desire. For those who want to be pampered after that special day, spa and massage treatments or available at many locations, and even fitness centers and swimming pools to cool the honeymooning couple. Every desire has been meticulously accommodated to help the newlywed couple on their way. For the Beijing traveler, luxury boutiques and small shops are available within walking distance for nearly every shopping need.

China, the mystery of the Orient, is yours for the taking.

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