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India, for so many in America and abroad, is one of the great treasures of South Asia. It is a land of wonders from the Chinese border to the great Indian Ocean; a land full of mystery that begs to be explored. But it is also one of the yet underexplored regions for the international golf enthusiast, for many have yet to visit this land of enchantment and mystery that has captured the Western imagination for so long. Today golf is taking on an entirely new life all its own on the Indian sub-continent, and now more than ever people in India are turning to golf as their profession as well as hobby.

Royal Treatment

Luxury Service, IndiaThe Ramada Powai Mumbai hotel is one of the very best golf resort hotels to be found. It boasts a five star rating, lush scenery near each hotel room, and luxury accommodations with gymnasium, 24-hour game room, convention center with up to 1000 person occupancy, an exquisite Uno bar, and a restaurant with a menu with healthy and exotic delights to treat the palette. The rooms will fit the most selective of tastes, and the service is truly world class. For the rest of the family, or when golf seems too far away for another round, there are accommodations in Mumbai that will suit the family taste very nicely. The nearby central business district of Mumbai is a wonder to explore, and makes a perfect place to get away for a romantic trip or just a little exploration.

Downtown in a Dash

Near Downtown, IndiaDelhi Golf Club is also one of the must see golf clubs in India. Peter Thompson renovated this course in the 1970s, and it has now become a major player in the Asian PGA circuit. And with its many amenities, and a host of luxury resorts nearby, the golfing enthusiast will surely not be disappointed. Delhi Golf Club is near downtown Delhi, a central business and tourist district the whole family or business group can enjoy. For those who are not golfing enthusiasts, there are plenty of tour groups for exploring Delhi. There are a number of historic sites nearby, and tourist attractions that will delight the traveler and the imagination. The rich fauna and flora of the course itself gives India’s courses a very unique and natural character, with over 300 species of animals. The rich, luxurious accommodations will warm the traveler’s heart and enrich the soul with first class swimming pools, pubs, bars and catering for those who need that special feel with a personal touch.

Golfing Gurus

India Golf GurusFor the truly golf conscious, there are a number of golf tours available at reasonable prices. These tours range from five to ten days, and take the golfing enthusiast to ranges, courses, and clubs that span the entire country. These are first class tours that give the golfer the very best challenges at PGA level courses.

Make India your international destination for the best golfing experience money can buy.

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