Golfing in Thailand

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One would expect the ancestral home of golf legend Tiger Woods to be a golfer’s paradise, and this would be a fair assumption to make. Thailand offers the amateur as well as pro golfer an amazing retreat into another world. Spectacular golf courses are everywhere—in the larger cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai and throughout the countryside. And outside of the golf course, you’ll never want for activity, tropical climate, sand and surf, and of course, amazing food.

Golf and Good Times

Thailand Relaxing Golf Resorts One of the prime tourist destinations in all of Asia, Thailand offers a wide selection of golf vacations that combine play time on the best courses in the country with exposure to the regional culture, a tropical environment, and friendly locals. The tropical islands off the coast and in the Andaman Sea offer some of the most relaxing golf resorts you’ll find anywhere in the world. What better vacation for the golfer than to go to the exotic tropical island of Koh Samui to spend the morning golfing and the afternoon relaxing on the beach? And, better yet, Samui isn’t the only tropical island with golfing facilities. You can also play wonderful courses on just about all of the larger islands, including Phuket, and in nearly all of the beach towns like Hua Hin and Pattaya.

Golf Course on a Hill

Luxurious Thailand Golf Course


There are luxurious, full-featured golf resorts just about anywhere you go! In Chiang Mai, golf resorts and beautiful courses are nestled in the hills, giving you the chance to tour the beautiful northern countryside. The 18-hole Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort, located at the foothills just outside of town and adjacent to the forest, is one of the most scenic resorts in the area.

Long and Short “a” Sounds of the River Kwai

Over the River, ThailandOr, take a golf vacation in Kanchanaburi, home of the legendary movie, “Bridge Over the River Kwai,” and yes, take a walk across the bridge while whistling the theme song from the movie—everybody does it, don’t be embarrassed. Americans typically say “Kwai” as pronounced in the movie—“kwai,” with a short “a.” In Thai, this pronunciation means “water buffalo.” The correct pronunciation for the name of the river is “kweh.” Now you can impress the locals with the correct pronunciation.

Urban Alpine

Urban Golf Course, Thailand


The capital city of Bangkok features several city courses, as well as more elegant resorts just outside of town. The Alpine Golf and Sports Club, about an hour outside of town, is one of the more beautiful urban courses and was the site of the 2000 Johnnie Walker Classic (where Tiger took the prize).

Food, Foot Massage, a Whole Lot of Fun

Traditional Thai Massage, ThailandGolf courses in Thailand are by no means isolated since you’re sure to find a place to enjoy a traditional Thai massage, and some of the most spectacular cuisine in the world either in the resort or somewhere nearby.

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