Golfing in Taiwan

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Taiwan, considered by China to be a Chinese province but by the Kuomintang to actually be the legitimate government of the Chinese people, is an economic powerhouse and one of the wealthiest nations (or provinces, if you prefer) in all of Asia. It is a fast-paced country and a center for global business, and the game of golf figures prominently in both social and business interactions.

Transacting Taiwanese Style

Customs in TawainOfficially, the Mandarin dialect is the official language and is most widely spoken, although there is also a regional dialect, and English is also much more widely spoken than in mainland China. If you’re doing business there, you’ll find that entertainment is a big part of the negotiation process. As in much of Asia, your business partners want to know you on a personal level before doing business, and that involves late-night entertainment, and long, relaxing afternoons of golf. Here’s a business tip: Punctuality is important to Taiwanese, but the traffic is horrendous. Plan ahead and allow yourself extra time to get to the golf course. Also, as is the case in many Asian golf resorts, caddies, which are usually female, are customarily employed.

Taipe’s Top-Rated

Excellent Service TaiwanTaiwan has golf courses in abundance, many of which are near the larger cities. Although quite nice and well laid-out, most are meant to be day outings and not a full-on resort. Nonetheless, if it’s a golf vacation you’re after, Taiwan does have some excellent facilities, luxurious golf course-adjacent hotels, and sumptuous resorts to offer. In Taipei, try out the Miramar country club, which has a lovely restaurant and a hotel lobby that is as grand as anything you’ve ever seen. The Palm Lakes golf resort is rated one of the “top 100” golf courses, and features a sole-bent grass green, and an exotic course with scenic palm trees.

Best-View Golf Courses

Taiwan Best Golf SiteIf you’re looking for the best view, check out the Pearl Heights Golf Course, an 18-hole course that is several hundred feet up, and features a stunning view of the ocean. The wind tends to be strong, and this may add an extra challenge to play. The Sunrise Golf Club, another mountaintop course, features plenty of elevation changes for an extra challenge, and a fantastic clubhouse.

Day and Night Golfing

Night Golfing, TaiwanRanking among the top ten courses in Taiwan, the Orient Golf and Country Club is just about 45 minutes from Taipei, has a very well-maintained course with plenty of water challenges. If you’re looking for a game after working hours, the 27-hole course features night golfing.

Countryside GetAway

Taiwan Countryside ActivitiesTaiwan, especially the capital city of Taipei, is busy and crowded, and there will be activities and sights wherever you turn. When you go a bit further away from the capital, you’ll find that the country also offers a fascinating countryside view with steep, scenic mountains, beautiful forests, and a perfect landscape for a golf outing.

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