The Perfect Exotic Beaches Vacation in Indonesia

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Indonesia’s incredible beaches are some of the most exotic, most beautiful, and most sought-after beaches in the world. Ranking near the top of just about every “top ten” list there is, Indonesia’s many beaches exude the very essence of tropical paradise. It’s everything you could ever want. You won’t want to go home. Maybe you’ll build yourself a little grass shack and stay forever, and you wouldn’t be the first to do so.

Under, over, and out of the Water

Underwater Adventure in Indonesia BeachesBesides simply sitting on the sand and taking in the rare tropical beauty of it all, the beaches in Indonesia have something for everyone, and have become well known for water activities including scuba diving and snorkeling, for getting an up-close look at the colorful underwater sea life and the coral reefs. Swimmers will find plenty of calm water to enjoy, and surfers will be able to find the raging waves they need. Beaches are best enjoyed from May through September.

A Dream Sequence in Dreamland

Dreamland Beach, Spectacular Indonesia BeachAny look at Indonesian beaches must start with Bali. Even if you know nothing about tropical beaches, the first place to come to mind will always be this popular island. And if you’re on a beach vacation, this is very likely going to be your first destination. Many tourists start out at Dreamland Beach, on the Bukit Peninsula. This beautiful beach is easy to get to, surrounded by tropical palm trees, and highlighted by spectacular and beautiful cliffs near the water. Comfortable hotels and resorts are plentiful near Dreamland Beach. Prices are reasonable, and some of the hotels offer European dining. Don’t neglect the local cuisine though; all along the beach you’ll find plenty of small restaurants with local dishes to enjoy—and of course, plenty of souvenir stands so you can take a little piece of Bali home with you. Your trip may start at Dreamland Beach, but it doesn’t need to end there. Bali has several spectacular beaches, each with a different character. Try out Pasir Putih Beach, which is very wide with plenty of space to relax. There are many small guest houses close to the beach that are quite affordable. Padang Bai Beach has become popular with backpackers looking for adventure on a budget, with quaint guest houses and losmens, or small bamboo dwellings available for rent.

Shimmering Seascapes in Sumatra and Java

Sumatra and Jaya, Indonesia Beach AdventureBut for truly dedicated beach hoppers, you’ll want to explore beyond Bali—that is, if you can pry yourself away from its scenic beauty. Once you do, you’ll find a whole new world of beaches like Pulau Bintan Beach in Sumatra, offering tropical warm waters, excellent diving, and lush, green tropical vegetation surrounding the beachfront areas. And when you go to Java, don’t forget to spend the day at exotic Grajagan Beach, and enjoy walking through the nearby mangrove and teakwood forests.

Shrinking Space in Summer

Summer Vacation Destinations in IndonesiaThe beaches in Indonesia are so sought-after, so beautiful, and so other-worldly that hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year. If you’re looking for quiet seclusion, you may have a hard time, especially during peak season—but it’s well worth the effort and the competition for space just to take in the amazing beauty that is Indonesia.

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