Sunset by the Beach in Singapore

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The unique city-state of Singapore boasts exotic cuisine and perhaps the best shopping in all of Southeast Asia, but the beaches are an unexpected delight. Every beach in Singapore is scrupulously clean and perfectly maintained, and to make your Singapore beach expedition even more pleasant, there are strict laws regarding air pollution in the coastal areas—making your beach trip a real “breath of fresh air.” There’s nothing like waking up in a comfortable hotel room, looking out your window at the tropical view, and then walking out the door to find yourself immediately on a warm sandy beach. Singapore features several comfortable hotels close to, or right on the beach. You’ll pay more for being next to the beach, but will still be pleasantly surprised at the affordability. Many of the beachfront hotels are incredibly luxurious, and include spa centers, excellent restaurants, and friendly, bilingual staff ready to point you towards the best attractions.

Magical Island

Magical Island of Sentosa, SingaporeOne of the most exotic beaches is on Sentosa Island. With beautiful white sand and warm water, as well as fascinating family fun at the many adventure theme parks, Sentosa isn’t just a beach, it’s a complete vacation adventure. Sentosa itself is a complete delight with plenty of water fun, including windsurfing and swimming. Once you tire of the beach (can anyone ever really get tired of such a spectacular beach?), you can go for a round of golf, or at night, enjoy the fun local entertainment and visit the night market to pick up some souvenirs.

The Unchanging Changi

The Historical Changi Beach, SingaporeThere are plenty of beautiful beaches onshore as well, including Changi Beach, which although quaint and fun, also has a historical aspect to it as the site of a World War two battle site. Around Changi, you’ll enjoy a small-town village environment, and you won’t ever have to venture far from the water to find a good walking spot or something exotic to eat. There are plenty of local restaurants and food stalls, as well as restaurants with traditional Western fare if you’re not feeling adventurous.

The Longest Beach Walk of your Life

Experience East Coast Park Beach, SingaporeEast Coast Park Beach is one of the most popular, and also the longest beach in Singapore. It’s a great place to start out your beach vacation in Singapore. Despite its popularity, it’s big enough so that it’s never overly-crowded, and you can always find a comfortable spot to rest and people-watch. All along the beach you’ll find food stalls and small restaurants, so finding a picnic is always easy. There is also a wonderful stretch of sidewalk for rollerblading, cycling, and walking, and a wide variety of water sports available. You can rent a bicycle or some roller blades and explore the entire stretch of beach, or even take a lesson in wind surfing or rent a canoe.

Ibiza of the Southeast

The Sentosa Tanjong Beach, SingaporeIf you’re looking for a vibrant scene, try out Sentosa Tanjong Beach at night. The water’s still warm, but the experience doesn’t stop there. All along the beach, there’s a party every night, with live music and trendy clubs—the perfect place to people-watch, and be seen.

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