Relaxing on the Beach in American Samoa

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A beach holiday in American Samoa surely ranks somewhere at the top in terms of total relaxation, enjoyment and visual splendor. One of the few regions in the world still relatively untouched by rampant urbanization and tourist mayhem, the beaches on this group of islands stand out in their natural beauty. The entire coastline here is almost all beach, but there are a few individual sites which literally seduce your senses as you set foot on them. Planning a few days off for a relaxing and laid back beach vacation with the family? Look no further; come to American Samoa and let your troubles float away on the turquoise waters.


American Samoa TutuilaTutuila is the main island and has a curving coastline dotted with beautiful coves and bays. Here you can snorkel, swim or just amble around on the sandy beach, reveling in the sight of the towering mountain ridges rising sharply from the blue ocean.


Beaches on Manu’a Islands

Relaxing Beaches in Manu'a Island, American SamoaThis group of three islands 100 kilometers east of Tutuila has stunning scenery and some of the finest white sandy beaches. These isolated beaches will literally fill your senses with sheer delight. The sea flows into lagoons with brilliantly-hued coral reefs and is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. The quietness, together with the sight of the enormous cliffs rising straight from the sea, afford a unique experience to the visitor that is not easily forgotten.

South Beach on Ofu Island deserves special mention as the calm waters of the blue sea and the Sunuitao Peak, with Piumafua Mountain rising above the landscape on nearby Olosega Island, provide a dramatic contrast that is spell-binding. The beach is over two miles in length and offers excellent snorkeling offshore and also has some guest houses for basic accommodation.

Other Beaches

Unforgettable Experiences in American Samoa BeachesThere are a few villages which lie on the south coast highway as it passes through the tropical rain forest, east of the Samoa National Park. Among these, Alega has a lovely beach where one can swim and snorkel, while spending evenings at the famous Tisa’s Barefoot Bar, which hums with activity during the weekends.

A road goes inland from Fagaitua Village to the villages of Maselau and Sailele on the north coast. Sailele has a marvelous beach, just ideal for lazing around on the sand doing absolutely nothing. Amouli Village also has a fine beach with a volcanic islet shaped like a pyramid close to it. Swimming is safe here in the beautiful lagoon. Tula, a quiet local village located in the eastern point of Tutuila, also has a lovely, sandy beach.

The beaches of American Samoa are as nature intended them to be; clear turquoise waters, clean, uncluttered stretches of sand, bays and lagoons, coral reefs shimmering in the sun and a quietness that stills your soul.

American Samoa is a relatively undiscovered tropical paradise that will stun your senses with its spectacular natural beauty. The combination of sandy beaches, sparkling coral reefs, peaceful bays and lagoons, magnificent mountain ridges, sleepy villages and smiling people will entrance you. The days spent in American Samoa will be a holiday to remember forever.

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