Peaceful Tropical Beaches in Vietnam

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Vietnam is known for a lot of things, but few Westerners have discovered the country’s beautiful and unspoiled beaches. Some of the best beachfront in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the place to go for enjoying sand, sea, and sunshine and the sounds of Mother Nature. Vietnam’s golden sandy beaches are a rare treat, unlike any beach in the West. A beach vacation in Vietnam is perfect for the young single, for lovers or newlyweds, and fun for the whole family.

Must-See City

Tropical Adventure in Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamWalk along the beach in tropical Vietnam for the adventure of a lifetime. October through December is the best time for visiting; July through October will present some weather-related challenges.

Most trips to Vietnam will include a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, and opportunities abound there for tourism. You’ll find the beaches further away from the capital to be much more stunning, but if you’re in Ho Chi Minh City and just can’t wait, you can take a day trip to Vung Tau via hydrofoil. Go a little further out, and you’ll encounter Mui Ne Beach, with its huge, wind-swept sand dunes, perfect for wind surfing.

China Beach is in Vietnam

The Famous Vietnam China BeachThe best known of all beaches in Vietnam is China Beach, a long stretch of sand between Danang and Hoi An. China Beach is a very large region, so there’s plenty there to appeal to everybody. There are still areas that are largely untouched, although for visitors who don’t like to rough it, there are several upscale resorts in the area. But it doesn’t have to be all fun in the sun. China Beach is near several can’t miss destinations, including the Marble Mountain Monastery complex. Also on one end of the beach is the city of Hoi An, which is rich in history and culture. While in Hoi An, you will find plenty of comfortable hotels both for the budget-minded and the luxury traveler, along with plenty of seaside restaurants. Get on a boat and travel a bit offshore, and you can visit the more secluded Huong Beach on Cham Island.

Old Imperial Temples

Vacation Destination in VietnamChina Beach isn’t the only beach in Vietnam that is close to fascinating landmarks though. Hue, sometimes known as the Imperial City, is a common destination for visitors anxious to take in its ancient culture and beautiful temples. Just fifty miles from Hue you’ll find Lang Co Beach, with warm, shallow waters that are just perfect for a romantic stroll in the water, hand in hand with a loved one.

70 Islands in more than Seven Days

Island Hopping Adventure, VietnamIf you’re fond of island hopping, Vietnam has plenty for you. In Nha Trang, a five mile stretch of white sandy beachfront set off by mountains on either end, there are more than 70 islands, many of which are accessible by boat and offer fabulous beaches of their own. Island beaches typically have a much different character than mainland beaches, and these shouldn’t be missed by the dedicated sun-worshipper. And don’t forget, there’s more in between the mainland and the islands, with incredible opportunities for scuba diving.

If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia, Vietnam should definitely be part of the itinerary. The beaches are comfortable, and the very reasonable prices can make for a pleasant weekend beachfront getaway.

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