Mind-Blowing Beaches in the Maldives

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Maldives is one of the smallest countries in Asia, but also one of the most beautiful. This tiny island located between India and Sri Lanka is truly one of the rarest jewels of Asia. The beaches here are truly breathtaking. The country’s coral islands are prime territory for scuba diving, and the underwater views are just as incredible as those above the water. Maldives offers a perfect place for relaxing by the turquoise sea, walking along the sparkling white sandy beach, and enjoying every type of water sport imaginable. One thing you’ll notice is how scrupulously clean the beaches, and the community in general are. Most of the larger islands maintain staff that clean the beaches nightly, so they remain pristine, free of even the smallest particle of trash.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Vacation Destination Maldives BeachesFor a vacation, a honeymoon, or the adventure of a lifetime, the Maldives is the perfect destination. A holiday here will be filled with so many activities, so much to do and see, that you won’t know where to begin. The beach of course, is the most obvious place to start, and there are more beaches and islands here than you can imagine. The coral islands are perfect for diving, or you can also enjoy sailing, snorkeling, or just walking hand in hand with your loved one along the surf. Island-hopping between the many islands is always a fun way to spend a day in the Maldives, and you’ll soon discover that each island has a character all its own. One of the best ways to look at the islands is on one of the many cruise tours, which will take you between the islands, with plenty of stops for fun along the way.

Day in and Day out dos and donts

Things to Do during Vacation in MaldivesBut the fun doesn’t stop at the water. The Maldives features several scenic parks and other destinations, and of course, excellent shopping and a vibrant nightlife. And you can go from nightlife to wildlife the next day, and set out for an exciting wildlife tour through the forest.
The best time to go to Maldives is December through April. If you are traveling during the month of Ramadan, services may be limited. Remember to respect the local customs. Avoid going topless on the beach, and dress modestly while in town. You can enjoy alcohol at the resort or in a club, but not outside or on the beach. Anti-drug laws are severe; and if you’re looking for a gay-friendly vacation spot, this isn’t it, as homosexuality is illegal and punishable by imprisonment. That said, Maldives is a remarkable and strikingly beautiful locale with pleasant amenities, world-class beaches, comfortable resorts and exotic food—and you’re guaranteed to have the experience of a lifetime.

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