Enjoy the Whispering Sea in Tropical Thailand

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Close your eyes. Can you feel it? There’s warm sun and a gentle wind on your face, and the scent of jasmine surrounds you. You are in harmony with the whispering sea in Thailand.

A Whole New World

Thailand Exotic BeachesEverything here is a whole new world to you. If you want the most beautiful and exotic beaches in the world, and an exciting nightlife to go along with it, then Thailand will be your paradise. And when you’ve had enough sun for the day, there’s always bargain shopping opportunities nearby, a rich cultural heritage, and always friendly people with big smiles wherever you go.

The Unknown Side of Phuket

Secluded Beaches in ThailandThailand’s beaches and islands are legendary. But despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of tourist from all over the world come here every year, you can still find secluded getaways off the main tourist circuit, if you know where to go. The islands of Phuket and Samui, along with the beach at Pattaya, are popular tourist beaches, and it’s likely you’ll see more Americans and Europeans there than Asians. But if you’re lucky enough to make friends with a local, they’ll take you to one of the lesser-known destinations, where you might just find a beachfront cabin for twenty or thirty dollars a night.

Bummer Weathers

Enjoy Thailand Beaches All Year RoundThe beaches along the Gulf of Thailand enjoy beautiful weather most of the year, especially between December to March. Starting in April the weather will start to get quite hot and humid, and may be uncomfortable for those who are unaccustomed to a tropical climate. Between May and October you’ll encounter the rainy season along the western coast by the Andaman Sea. You may want to stick around in April despite the hot weather though, to take advantage of the Thai New Year celebration known as Songkran. Even if you’re nowhere near the beach, you’ll get soaked, as the tradition is to sprinkle (or soak, as the case may be) passers-by with water during this holiday.

Adult Entertainment

Adult Leisure Activity, ThailandYou will land in Bangkok, but even there, you won’t be that far from the water. Just a couple hours away is beautiful Rayong, a perfect beach community with scenic resorts and wonderful and surprisingly affordable hotels right on the beach. Rayong is also excellent for the nature-lover who likes to explore. Just off the coast of Rayong, you can take in Koh Samet (Samet Island), with some of the most stunning beaches and national parkland in the country. For lovers of the nightlife and the singles scene, Pattaya Beach is also a short run from Bangkok. Along with Pattaya’s beautiful beaches and comfortable resorts, you’ll find plenty of adult entertainment, go-go bars, and the infamous ladyboy shows.

Diving in Phi Phi

Extreme Experiences in Phi Phi, ThailandOne of the most popular tourist destinations is Phi Phi Island. (Yes, it’s pronounced as “pee-pee”. Get over it.) This lovely pair of islands is well known for its underwater coral and spectacular scuba and snorkeling sites. Phuket Island (pronounced as “poo-ket”) is equally popular with tourists because of its beautiful sand and incredible beaches, with warm and calm water perfect for swimming.

These Words Don’t Come Close to the Real Thing

Thailand Tropical ParadiseAnd that’s only the beginning. Thailand’s long coastlines, warm water and friendly people are what make this country one of the prime destinations for tourists, and no matter where you are, you’ll never be too far away from the beach.

Do you find it irresistible? Don’t waste time by dreaming about it. Tropical paradise is waiting for you in Thailand. Come and smell the scent of the fresh sea breeze today.

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