Beaches and Wildlife on Christmas Island

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Christmas Island has a beautiful, long coastline rising up 361 meters above sea level and is an extinct volcano. The coastline is a continuous sea cliff 20 meters high and in a few spots, the cliff gives way to coral shingle beaches and shallow bays. Christmas Island is encircled by a coral reef, and among the islands many attractions are the beautiful beaches.




Lily Beach

Unwind at Lily Beach, Christmas IslandLily Beach is surrounded by large trees which throw a lovely shady canopy on the sea and sand. You have never seen a sea as blue as this one and as you swim in the clear, clean waters; you can easily imagine yourself transported to another time, when the earth was in its original pure state. The beach is covered by small shells instead of sand. There is a boardwalk which will take you to Ethel Beach and give you a glimpse of a variety of birds along the tall cliffs which tower over the ocean.

These cliff faces offer superb snorkelling and tide pools to explore, in addition to diving and swimming. Christmas Island possibly offers one of the best diving locations available anywhere with drift dives, cave diving, high drop-offs and a variety of options to explore. There are underwater caverns to explore with coral walls, besides the dolphins, sharks and manta rays, which flit around the waters and an unending array of fish species to spot, giving you an experience you will cherish for a lifetime! Very close to Lily Beach you’ll find Ethel Beach, which is also an excellent location for snorkelling.

Greta Beach

Amazing Greta Beach, Christmas IslandGreta Beach is a 30 minute drive from the Flying Fish Cove Settlement. You’ll see thousands of tiny hermit crabs and a tide pool at the end of the beach, always a favorite for young children. It is one of the places where the red crabs migrate for spawning. It is an amazing sight to see thousands of these crabs moving to the sea to lay their eggs. It is a wondrous spectacle not to be seen anywhere else on earth and is one of the greatest attractions of Christmas Island.

Dolly Beach

Peaceful Vacation Getaways at Dolly Beach, Christmas IslandDolly Beach a secluded location with fewer tourists, making it a great spot to get away from it all. There are several tide pools and a beautiful sandy beach; and is one of two locations where the marine turtles nest. It is the one of the largest beaches on Christmas Island and you can camp there, with swaying coconut palms and the rainforest surrounding you. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the rare sea turtles, which come here to lay their eggs on the sand.

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