Beach vacations in the South Pacific

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There is no holiday more relaxing, fun-filled, close to nature and replete with delights than a beach vacation. And among seaside holiday spots around the world, there is perhaps no other region with so many wonderful destinations for a beach holiday, than the islands of the South Pacific. Stunning natural landscapes, warm waters, spectacular coral gardens and friendly local people are just a few of the benefits of a vacation in one of the beautiful South Pacific beach destinations. Whether it’s high adventure and exploration in the jungle, or a posh resort by the water, you’re sure to find it in the South Pacific.The variety is incredible. There are popular vacation spots like Fiji and Tahiti which offer world-class facilities, attracting tourists from around the world every day. Then, there are the quiet, undisturbed locales like Niue Island, Cocos Islands and American Samoa with simpler, more natural delights to offer, so the choice is yours. You can choose a well-known holiday location or opt for a relatively obscure one for that “deserted tropical island” experience, but no matter where you finally go, you can be sure of a marvelous vacation on the gorgeous beaches of the South Pacific.

Natural Grandeur

Beach vacations in the South Pacific  The South Pacific has some of the most eye-popping natural locales in the world, especially on the beachfront. The resorts are of course, spectacular and beautiful, but beyond the architecture, the most stunning sights are the natural ones. Niue Island is an unconventional destination, as it does not have the typical sandy beach, but this is more than compensated for by the incredible limestone chasms and caves and the tranquil reef pools, where you can spend a relaxing day just swimming and taking in the gorgeous surroundings, or indulging in some water sports or undersea exploration. Lifou and Mare in New Caledonia have some stunning beaches with spectacular mountain vistas and towering cliffs of coral. Ouvea has a stretch of endless sandy beach, with a surrounding lagoon. The beautiful blend of rugged cliffs, clear blue waters and the islets nearby will ensure that your stay here is a memorable one. Fiji is another popular vacation spot in the South Pacific known for its wonderful beaches and natural splendor. The Coral Coast has one of the largest coral reefs while Nananu-i-ra Island is a blend of mangrove forest and towering hills, while the Nadi Corridor is renowned for the lush countryside and the fabulous beaches.

Underwater Pleasures

Beach vacations in the South Pacific  Almost all of the beach destinations of the South Pacific offer you a range of water sports like diving, snorkelling, scuba diving and more. The calm, clear waters boast an amazing visibility, giving you an easy glimpse into an underwater world that you’ll never forget. Most of these locales have preserved their natural habitats, so you can have a glimpse of the native flora and fauna and other colorful, teeming marine life as you plunge into these azure waters. Avetele Beach in Niue Island is one of the places where you can absorb the beauty of nature in its pristine state, while New Caledonia has several spots where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters to see the colorful coral and life forms that thrive in this part of the South Pacific. American Samoa is another destination with clear turquoise waters perfect for diving. The lagoons, bays and coral reefs, with the uncluttered sandy beaches, offer untold delights that will make your vacation an unforgettable memory.

Total Relaxation

Beach vacations in the South Pacific  There are dozens of reasons for going to the South Pacific for vacation, but the prospect of total relaxation and rejuvenation stands out above all others. You’ll quickly discover that life in the South Pacific does indeed exist beyond the resort, and there are plenty of incredibly quiet, isolated areas where you can still spend an entire day without seeing another person. If you are looking for a place free of the unwanted trappings of modern life, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and warm people and a peaceful ambience, look no further. From Niue Island to Christmas Island, Cocos Island to Christmas Island, all these beach destinations are made for secluded, laid back and completely relaxed holidays, in the most natural habitats in the world today.

The Foodie Paradise

Beach vacations in the South Pacific  One of the great pleasures of a beach vacation is certainly the food, and nowhere is this more evident than these South Pacific locales. Besides the spectacular oceanfront restaurants, you’ll delight in sampling the sidewalk stalls and the fare of the beach vendors, enjoying a local meal and an exotic, tropical drink as you lounge right on the beach. All the different culinary influences from both Europe and Asia are there, but one cannot overlook the distinctive local cuisine which is special to the South Pacific region. Tropical fruits and fresh vegetables, and of course the freshest seafood are all available every day, on every island.And of course, there’s nothing like a traditional feast right on the beach. A unique experience is the annual village showday at each of Niue’s 14 villages, where they showcase the local crafts, sport and cuisine. A large earth oven, or ‘umu’, is prepared, and you get to sample some rare and delicious treats. Seafood is a specialty in New Caledonia’s eateries in the capital Noumea and you can gorge on fresh prawns, octopus and shellfish. In French Polynesia, you will find a strong French influence in the cuisine. In Tahiti, another great way of sampling local delicacies is to eat at the Les Roulottes or rolling restaurants found in Papeete. Fiji offers Kokoda, which is delicious raw fish marinated in coconut cream and lime, while other local culinary delights include rourou and tavioka. A common feature of cooking in many of these islands is the underground oven, where food (meat, fish or vegetables) seasoned and wrapped in banana leaves is placed and left to cook for a few hours. The result is one scrumptious experience of a local delicacy!


Beach vacations in the South Pacific  The charm of a South Pacific beach vacation is in the beautiful natural surroundings, and you’ll want to bask forever in the sea, sun and sand. And in fact, you can stay right there in the midst of the spectacular landscape in an overwater bungalow. These are designed in the traditional island style and can be classified as the most romantic and intimate accommodation available anywhere in the world. The overwater rooms are constructed on stilts over a lagoon and have sundecks and platforms from which you can dive directly into the water, or just lie back on your deck and watch the sunset. Other types of accommodations are also available, ranging from luxury hotels and resorts to villas, apartments and hostels, or for the more adventurous, even camping in the jungle. Wherever you stay, you’ll never be far from the beach in this island paradise.
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