World Top Airports Named

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World Top Airports  were named  by SKYTRAX. You’ll be surprised that Asian airports dominated the list. Six out of the tops slots awarded.

And the winner goes to…

Incheon International Airport. It’s not the first time that Incheon Airport in Seoul won the world’s best airport. The awards  are based on surveys conducted by Skytrax, the most prestigious brand associated with reviews on air travel standard. They conducted a   survey polling 12 million passengers over a nine-month period. Incheon Int’l  Airport wins while Hong Kong dropped to third. Incheon Airport  is the only airport in the world who gained the top spot seven times in a row.

Singapore Changi Airport  was the second best airport on the list. If you are a relaxed and on a budget traveler then you can indulge in this place. It has good space, well maintained and full of things to do. It provides world class amenities and is considered to be the top airport in the world for transit travelers especially for those who have long layovers between flights. Some would say they  would definitely change their  flights just to indulge in this place.

Hong Kong International Airport is located in Chek Lap Kok off Lantau Island. The airport was designed by acclaimed British architect Lord Norman Foster. This airport  has state of the art  structure which serves about 90 airlines from all over the world. Not only it is the world’s busiest airport, they were on top of the list on the past year as the Best Airport. That’s why the government gave a nod on building a third runway.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For passengers, it’s the fourth  biggest hub in Europe. Amsterdam Airport has a great reputation not only on excellent shopping experience but  also regarded as one of the best organized European airports.There are over 20 hotels in the vicinity of the airport, Taxis and cars are available right in front of it. The train station is underneath it which give the passengers a more convenient place to have their airport transfers.

Beijing Capital International Airport continued its quest of improving their consumer ratings.Moving their way up from 8th place to 5th place for the World’s Best Airports. With their very efficient ground service  and improved structure no wonder they are considered Asia’s favorite.

Munich Airport . There are a lot of things to do in this airport. You can visit their airport brewery located inside where seven different kind of beers are brewed. ATMs or cash Machines are all over the place. It’s like a huge shopping mall.They have iPilot Stimulator which gives you an impression of the world flying. Visitor’s Park and Terrace can’t be missed also.Even Cots are visible inside  Munich Airport. These supplied  cots are for stranded travelers just in case there are delays due to bad weather.

Zurich Airport is in the heart of Europe which makes it easy to access from all directions whether by train, car, or plane. Whenever at Zurich airport, make sure you make the most of it by visiting their Duty-Free Paradise. Passengers are indeed grateful not only because of its large structure but duty free shops are free of VAT.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Since its inauguration in year 1998, KLIA has won numerous awards from international organizations such as Skytrax.KLIA was voted thrice as the World’s Best Airport but this time they were at the 8th place. This Airport has been regarded unique for some passengers because of their Prayer and Silent Rooms for Muslim visitors.Nurseries,children’s playroom, gym, reflexology and massage centers can also be found in KLIA.

Vancouver International Airport has been named by SKYTRAX as the best airport in NorthAmerica in 2010 and 2011.According to VIA Fact Sheet, The total footprint of YVR’s Main Terminal Building is 135,138 square meters, a space large enough to accommodate about three BC place stadiums.In short, this airport is undeniably massive.

Central Japan International Airport also known as Chubu Airport. The man-made island constructed in the Bay of Isle was opened in February 2005. Most shops can be found on the fourth floors of the terminal building where you can find several Japanese food shops with their local specialties. Electronic  gadgets and travel accessories can also be found on their duty free section. Central Japan Intl Airport is  Japan’s third most important international airport after Tokyo’s Narita Airport and Osaka’s Kansai Airport.

What is your best airport?Post a comment below.

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