Top 10 Things to know about Dating Asian Women

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Top 10 Things to know about Dating Asian Women

Top 10 Things to know about Dating Asian Women

Here are the Top 10 Things you need to know about Dating Asian Women

1. Don’t assume that we only date Asian guys. We love dating  white guys too as long as they look foreign enough for us.

2. Don’t assume that they can’t speak English. Hi, Hello, Yeah! are not the only words that they speak(like they always agree on what you say). They may be doing fake accent to get rid from the old, beer bellied guy in the corner.

3. Do not use the line “You look like  Lucy Liu or Margaret Cho” or even one of the Harajuko Girls -those little living dolls really annoy us.

4. One word of warning, you’ll probably agree  or not, Asians are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. To you she is. But she is probably just another average girl from her province or city.

5. Most Asian Women are very courteous, feminine and conservative. But don’t assume that we are all professional masseuses or a “yes”girl. We know that we are varied bunch of  doctors, writers, lawyers and professionals. We like to lay low til we need to strike.

6. Asian Women like music- a lot! Don’t you know that we are “Karaoke Champions?”.-lol

7. For Asians, family comes first!. The family bonding is so tight that when you are in the course of dating, you have to court every single member of the family. Trust me this works! Her  parents’ assurance and trust is essential.

8. Not all of us know martial arts.Though we respect Kung Fu, Jackie Chan,Bruce Lee, Jet Li movies. So don’t re enact  some of the karate kick or crouching tiger moves  just to start a conversation because  we don’t dig it.

9. Keep a close communication with Asian women. Make them feel that you are serious and not playing around. Show interest in Asian culture and be eager to learn local traditions.-The more you learn, the more you can relate.

10. Lastly, be yourself and express how you truly feel. Don’t be the person you are not because you are going to keep that standard for the rest of your life.As one of my friend says “You can never go wrong with Asian women”.

Hope these tips help you!


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