You know you’re Asian when

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You know you’re Asian when….

1. Everyone is a family friend. It’s like the whole neighborhood is your family. Complete strangers are uncles. No shortage of aunties either. Asians are definitely rich in the extended family department.

2. You boil water or tea in a saucepan.

3. Everyone always calls you to help you with their school homework.

4. To sound cool you say you don’t like homegrown movies but you watch them in secret. We have a lot of local movies here but we pretend we’re not into it. Everyone is gaga for Hollywood in public.

5. You study in a university that is a long long long way from your home.

6. You get real upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage which is about 100 lbs.-overweight.

7. You are given a curfew like 10 pm or earlier you’re furious about it.

8. You have annoying nicknames eg: in the Philippines: “Shatu”,”Bibi”, “Tamen”,”Tikay”, “Mering”, “Purdoy.”

9. *For younger Asians (ie under 21): when you are on a date your mom will make your little sister or brother go with you. *Sigh*.

10.If you are female, you do almost all the household chores (except if you are Chinese). Hence: Lucky in love. Lucky to be Chinese. Err. Something like that.

11. You save grocery bags after going to the supermarket and you re-use them.

12. You have to take care of your brother and sister and your aunt and uncle….and your cousin….pretty much anyone who has a bloodline to you has a legitimate reason to ask you for charity at any time of the day or night for the rest of your life. It can be great if you are on the receiving end of the charity….it can get a bit much though if you become successful and every lazy bones on the block expects to share your hard work!

13. You still come back home after graduating from college.

14. Many Asians wash with a buckets of water and a scoop! A shower. Well, almost. But in a bucket. Buckower?

15. You ask your mom a simple question. She respond you with a LONG story about her hardships. Walking barefoot to school. How easy your generation has it. Etc. Etc.

16. Your dad always compares you with other kids. Like how completely awesome they are in school. Like thanks!

17. Your relatives could populate a small city.

18. You teach Westerners profane words in your language.

19.You put mothballs in your closets. You don’t wear shoes in the house. Barefoot or slippers. Less cleaning. Westerners could learn a thing or two from us! :)

20. When you walk into an Asian household you can obviously tell their buying habits and preferences. You see a lot of free promotional calendars in the kitchen, at the back of their bedroom doors, on their main door. Everywhere. If they could attach them to the car door they would.

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