Top Festivals in Asia

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Holidays are cherished moments. Most of us would agree that we don’t get enough time to spend  those stress free times.It is quite essential to celebrate and take a break because you will free rejuvenated and refreshed and you are ready to get back in reality.So make most of your valuable your time anyway.

Don’t miss these special events.

Here are  some of the list of Top Festivals  in Asia


Hong Kong Arts Festival

February – March, 2013

This is the most awaited festival in Hong Kong.It is a special event where they showcase a line-up of top-notch local talents along with the top artists around the world.This includes concerts, ballets,operas, art shows and a lot more.Many people from foreign countries were elated and proud of continued transformations  that Hong Kong has made through the years.

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of the signature highlights of the Hong Kong cultural scene.

Getting there: Be a part of  this momentous event in Hong Kong. Book a flight into Hong Kong  or any airport in China

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

January 5- February 28 2013

Harbin, China

Harbin’s Intl Ice Festival is one of the world’s  largest international ice festivals, along with Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, Quebec’s Winter Carnival and a lot more “Ice Cities”. During the long cold winter months the temperature drops down to as low as -21F. And what can you see on this festival?Of course, Snow Sculpture, Ice Lantern Garden Party, Skiing contests, Theatrical performances and a lot more.So prepare your thick coats and fur jackets when going to Harbin. Their ice creations will surely impress and dazzle you especially with their bright daylight and even a more breathtaking sight at night.

Getting there: Located 33 kilometers (20.5 miles) northwest of Harbin City,  the Harbin Taiping International Airport (HRB) is the second largest airport in northeastern China at present. Book your flight to Harbin, China so you won’t miss this famous “Ice City”.

Cherry Blossoms

April 4-May 13


 The blooming time of cherry trees differs from year depending on the weather. If it is cold, blossoms will open later but if the season is mild it can open early. The timings can really vary from year to year.The famous Japanese Cherry Blossoms or ‘Sakura’ showcases its beauty on every street and corner of Japan. Cherry blossom festivals take place all over the country.

Most of them are held between March to May, though other regions have them in January, February, and June, based on their location.You can plan to have a picnic  and perhaps a walk in the park would be a great idea to relax. Ever wonder why the Sakura is an icon in Japanese culture? That is because the flower represents the rare beauty of a woman and exquisite charm, just like the flower, it’s hard  predict when it is going to bloom.

Getting there: The country is filled with beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.Witness the cherry blossoms in Japan when they bloom


April 13-15

Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Get ready to be wet and wild in Thailand. Every 13th-15th days of April seems to be the most crucial day to watch your water bill. Thai New Year is better known as Songkran. It is better known as the world’s biggest water fight! Even elephants don’t have an excuse for not celebrating it. The Songkran Festival is in a certain sense like April Fool’s day, where people make pranks on you.

The only difference is you know it’s coming and you are prepared to hold up a lot of bucket of water and flour. A word of warning!Slow down because the road is really slippery.Try slowing down so they can spill water on you.

Getting there: You can fly into Chiang Mai or take a plane anywhere in Thailand

Kite Festival

January 14 2013

Jaipur, Rajasthan

 Expert kite-makers and flyers in India and all over the world participate on this day of celebration.It is believed that it is a time of thanksgiving for the religious. This is one day when the skies above the city come alive with flattering and colorful kites. And when they fly their kites-they actually mean it. These aren’t the ones that you used to make with a simple twigs glued on a Japanese paper.

These are fighter kites with strings laced with cut glasses, sometimes 14 kites in one thread.The objectives are simple.To attract tourists and ofcourse,  the last kite in the sky, wins.So be ready for Jaipur’s clear sky to become a colorful canvass.

Getting there: Jaipur is well connected with New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad,Calcutta, Udaipur and Jodhpur via a network of domestic airlines in India

Ati- Atihan Festival

Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines


 Every year in January, local and foreign tourists flock in the island of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines to celebrate the various activities held in honor of this patron saint Sto. Nino. This includes processions,masses and of course  lots of street dancing. But what really attracts the visitors is the native dance competition.

The merry dance around the town,  the frenzy dancing of the participants in colorful costumes, the tribal costumes with their ethnic masks is  a magnificent sight to behold.

Getting there:  The Philippine islands are very accessible and you can fly direct to the island of Kalibo in the Philippines.

Kadayawan Festival

August 17-19 2012

Davao, Philippines

Kadayawan Festival is a weeklong celebration and thanksgiving  of Good Harvest. Kadayawan is derived from the prehistoric word “madayaw” which means a warm and friendly greeting. “Kadayawan” in Mandaya means anything that brings fortune and thanksgiving for the gifts of nature.Kadayawan is celebrated with the “indak-indak” or street dancing, floats of fresh flowers, a variety of tribes parade  the streets with their colorful tribal costumes, Boat Races, Horse Fighting, Beauty Pageants, Wind Surfing and a lot more. As the festival arrives, fresh  local fruits and  vegetables as their bountiful harvest are obviously seen on the streets.You can buy and enjoy these fruits on the spot.Take the opportunity to taste the famous malodorous Durian.Take your camcorder and camera and see your reaction while eating it. One of the Kadayawan Highlights is the ten tribes or Lumad.If you want to watch  their apperances and cultural performance, you can catch them at venues like the People’s Park or at NCCC Mall.Both are accessible by taxi and jeepneys.The Davao City is very much alive every year. In fact, The Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC) is expecting around 20,000 to 30,000 tourists to visit Davao City for the Kadayawan Festival in August.

Getting there: Davao City is served by the Davao International Airport (IATA: DVO, ICAO: RPMD), which receives flights from Manila through Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

Bali Spirit Festival

March 20-24 2013

Ubod-Bali, Indonesia

Have you ever heard of a  festival that requires you to stay calm and remain silent?Well, this is a nice opportunity to do something that will uplift your individuality through yoga, live dance, and vibrant music. Bali Spirit Festival is a full month of daily performances. It is an elevating festival which  helps a person nourish his positive change within, leading to a positive outlook in life.

International Yoga Gurus,Dance and Music Instructors around the world would visit Bali to offer their expertise in giving the participant the chance to experience all the excitement of merging the East and West cultures through arts.If you are seeking Yoga and wanted to feel a new you, then the Bali Spirit Festival is just the right place for you.

Getting there: Ubud is arguably the best place to use as a base if you’re visiting Bali. The Next Bali Spirit Festival is scheduled for March 20 – 24, 2013!Best to book your flight as early as now.

Boryeong Mud Festival

July 14- July 24, 2012

Boryeong City,Daecheon Beach

South Korea

Boryeong Mud Festival is considered one of the festival in South Korea that attracts the largest amount of international visitors.Tourists flock to Boryeong- a 3.5 kilometers stretch of white beach to experience the energetic people, the all mineral-rich theory mud, swimming in the mud massive tub, mud wrestling, mud massage, mud painting,mus slides, mud attack, mud fountain I mean, all I can say is mud everywhere! Even if your are a first time visitor in Seoul, Korea,this is one event that you don’t want a miss. It’s quite fun watching people smear each other with mud. Dirty never looked this fun!

Getting There: You can book a flight to any airport in South  Korea .

Eid Al Fitr Festival

August 19 2012

South-East Asia countries and for Muslim worldwide

In Muslim calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Fitr on the sunset of 18th of August. This Holiday marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting which becomes the greatest religious observance in Islam.So what happens during this day?This is one of the festivals in Asia where almost all Muslims pray together. There is a great bonding of the community and family as they eat and pray together.

People give gifts  to the family, friends and colleagues.For some country like Afghanistan, carnival rides are set up for children.Others like Indonesia visit their elderly -the Halal Bi-Halal. In Philippines, where Christianity dominates the population, recognizes Eid as a public holiday.

What is your Top  Festival in Asia?Feel free to share us

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