15 Reasons To Visit Amazing Thailand

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Thailand is an amazing country for travel and here, our very own traveler Joemar Lamata has recently visited  Thailand. He has been kind enough to share some of his adventures and talk about some of the great attractions and golden moments in this extraordinary Kingdom.

1. You will never run out of Beers!

Beer is a popular drink in Thailand. If you are in the mood for a cold treat,  you can find imported beer at many bars and restaurants.The chances of tasting the numerous Thai beers depends on your budget. They say that you are tasting their “best beer” if it is  crisp and more flavorful compared to ordinary beers.


2.  Astonishing Beaches and Islands

Phi Phi Island is Thailand’s Superstar Island. It has been in several movies. Just a short 45-minute from Phuket will transport you to this breathtaking island. Hop on to this tropical paradise and you will feel like a “superstar” when you imagine the scene from  Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie – ”The Beach.”

3.Majestic Sunset

Popular beaches in Thailand can be found in Krabi. And you definitely  don’t want to miss the beautiful sunset  while staying in Phi Phi Ley Island in Maya Bay. You’ll get this amazing view of complete serenity. Smell the ocean breeze as the sun put itself to rest.


4. Discover Thailand’s Buddhist Heritage

Many tourist will visit Thailand for  its incredible beaches, stunning luxury hotels and traditional Thai massage treatments. If you are a culture-vulture you will want to explore the most treasured  historical sites.

5. They don’t call it “Land of Smiles” for nothing

No matter where I go, I always carry my Thai smile with me ~ known as: “Khun Tem.” Thailand is known to be the Land of Smiles because of the country’s warm and friendly people.

6. Thailand is Affordable

Accommodation in Thailand is pretty much affordable. When you look for the perfect travel destination, you would want to consider your budget. You ask yourself: How many places can you visit?, How much money will it cost you to buy that yummy Pad Thai? Where are the best treks? The best beaches?. You can spend 5 days in Thailand for prices starting from $490 per person.

7. Sumptuous Thai Street Food

You got a dollar? You got a meal. You point at a weird- looking random dish having no idea how would it taste.And you have that hesitant look on your face. That’s the whole point. It’s an experience,it’s surprising, and it’s tasty!

8. They got the best Nightlife Spots in Phuket

If you like live music and nightclubs make a beeline for the nightlife spaces in Bangkok or Phuket. Party and stroll along Bangla Road in Central Patong with their fabulous bars that will surely make your night a memorable one.

9. Beautiful Lady Boys

Bars don’t open until 9:00 pm along Central Palong.  You’ll be amazed by the gorgeous “Lady Boys” walking around and sometimes performing at the different bars. You’ll be surprised to see that they are sometimes more pretty and slimmer than real girls!

10.You have to experience the Floating Markets

Perhaps the best way to choose fresh produce is at the Floating Markets. Visit the Floating market in Hat Yai. The colorful flat boats are definitely worth visiting. But if the boats don’t interests you, there are taxis and tuk-tuks available for hire to take you to other markets in the city.

11. Shopping in Thailand is a delight

Bangkok shopping places will surely blow your Baht! With everything from designer bags to clothes, to shoes and stunning antiques you will be wowed and marvel at what’s one sale. If you love to shop then you will be overwhelmed where to start with Thailand’s endless stalls and modern lifestyle malls.

12. If  you book ahead, you’ll get budget fares


It is always better to book as far ahead as possible when you want  a bargain flight. While booking last-minute flights can be tempting, it’s not a viable option for many travelers.

13. Expected year round warm weather

Thailand is famed for its  tropical weather. It is warm and humid all year round.Thailand is close to the equator, stretching up from 6° to 20° North. That’s the reason why it has constant humidity and heat.

14. Traveling is easy

You can see “Tuk Tuks”  everywhere. Somewhat like a motorcycle taxi and usually used for short travel distances. But remember, NEGOTIATE first before getting in.

15.It will make you feel like King

Elephant riding has to be at the  top of the list when visiting Thailand. Sitting atop these well-trained elephants is a great ride! They’re truly wonderful creatures. The cost of elephant rides depends on the distance you  trek. That shirtless guy  in the pic is Joemar. His ride costs him 700 Baht for  just 30 minutes.

Keep in mind that there are dozens more reasons why to visit Thailand. Check out Thailand’s Travel Guide at Get Cheap  Fares or get started planning on your visit to Thailand.

Photo Credits: Joemar Lamata

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