Shinjuku Washington Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

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tokyo shinjuku 300x200 Shinjuku Washington Hotel   Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku Washington Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel is located in the Shiniyuku District of Central Tokyo and has been one of the most revered hotel chains in all of Japan since its opening in 1983. Its famed clientele has enjoyed many of the amenities and facilities the hotel has offered over the years. The hotel chain boasts five restaurants, a café and bar, and a multitude of business facilities such as conference and banquet rooms. Guests can utilize high-speed Internet access in all rooms in addition to the basics like room air conditioning, appliances (refrigerator and television), and telephone access. On staff are a 24-hour maid service, laundry and dry cleaning, grooming specialists, and office facilities like photocopying and facsimile services.

Tokyo was initially a small fishing village called Edo. After the assumption of Emperor Meiji to the Chrysanthemum Throne, the ruler made Tokyo both the political and financial capital of Japan. That tradition has lived on, and Tokyo is still home to the Japanese Imperial Family and the seat of governance for the entire country.

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel is located right off the Shiniyuku district, an area in Tokyo with streets lined with all kinds of restaurants and eateries. It is also a famed shopping district in the city, with many shops for clothes, gadgets and memorabilia. The hotel is a prime location for both business and tourism, making it the ideal rest stop for both the business traveler and tourist.

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Shinjuku Washington Hotel – Tokyo, Japan.

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