Park Hyatt Seoul – Seoul, South Korea

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seoul park hyatt 300x201 Park Hyatt Seoul   Seoul, South Korea

Park Hyatt Seoul – Seoul, South Korea

The Park Hyatt Hotel is one of the most sophisticated and comfortable hotels in the bustling metropolitan city of Seoul. The hotel’s 186 rooms, the most spacious in the city measuring at least 52 square meters, are lavishly furnished with all the amenities of a top-notch hotel within an affordable budget. It also houses the Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar and the Timber House, two of the famous restaurants in the city. The hotel further boasts an indoor pool, a spa and fitness center.

Seoul is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. It is the only city with Digital Mobile Television technology and wireless high-speed mobile Internet service for all its city residents. The city also houses the third-largest subway and bullet train system, providing for the transportation needs for over 2 million people.

Located near the hotel are both historic and modern landmarks that dot the city of Seoul. These include the Korea Finance Building, the N Seoul Tower, and the World Trade Center. The Myeongdong Cathedral, the Wongduan, and the Castle Walls of Seoul are but some of the other historic landmarks that make the city vibrant in its past and alive with the future.

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Park Hyatt Seoul – Seoul, South Korea.

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