Hotels in Yemen

Blessed by multi-cultural influences, Yemen fits the grandeur of a storybook desert kingdom. It is strategically situated in the idyllic southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula facing the Arabian and Red Seas. This makes it an upcoming regional hub for tourism and business. Recently, Yemen has been considered an important tourism area after the declaration of four of its World Heritages sites. For the region"s sole republic, Yemen is a country of nearly 23 million people plenty of other places for tourism yet to be discovered.

Yemen is no stranger to world-class hospitality. One which tops the rest is Burj al Salam which is dubbed as a "modern oasis". Located at the very heart of capital Sanaa, guests are just a step away from the wonders of the old city and walking distance to the Bab al Yemen and the shopping centers. The hotel suites offer breathtaking view of old Arabian architecture and the hustle and bustle of everyday Yemeni life. Accommodations for the budget conscious such as the Golden Dar Tourist Hotel, which is also located within the old city, are also available.

A vacation in Yemen is never complete without a visit to Old Walled City of Shibam in Wadi Hadhramaut. Often called "Manhattan of the Desert," this World Heritage Site showcases the 16th century style of urban planning based on the principle of vertical construction. Visitors will be awed by its fortified walls whose design dates back to biblical times. Recommended is the Shibam Guest House which is located in the heart of the old city.