Hotels in Tajikistan

Tourists who know almost nothing about Tajikistan, are heartened to discover trekking, mountaineering, camel riding, rock climbing and other adventure sports upon their arrival. Tajikistan is famous for its three mountains-Peak Lenin, Peak Somoni and Peak Korzhenevskaya. But lately luxury and affordable hotels have sprouted around the capital in answer to global tourism.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts opened the first international hotel in Tajikistan in 2008. The 220-room hotel is located in the city center, and is close to embassies in Dushanbe. The hotel is only 15 minutes from Dushanbe International Airport. Its guest rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer you a view of the Hisor Range and other peaks. It has a multilingual staff. Bret Eastern Tajikistan is also located within the city but is better known for its romantic getaway perfect rooms. Like most hotels in the capital city, it has rooms with views that look out to the majestic hills of Dunshanbe.

Top notch and budget hotels don't vary much in Tajikistan like the Hotel Mercury. The staff are extremely friendly and speak English well. The hotel grounds are in order and even the hotel's smaller rooms are surprisingly comfortable. Rooms feature desktop computers with free internet access. There's a store in front of the gate where you can buy tea, instant coffee, cookies, bread. The hotel also accepts credit cards and has an ATM onsite. You may be able to exchange money at the front desk as well.

Much of Tajikistan preserves the remains of the Sogdian (Zoroastrian), Hindu, Buddhist and Christian influence. The statue of Lenin, overlooking Khujand city and the Nurek Hydroelectric Dam, continue to remind tourists of Tajikistan's communist past.