Hotels in Taiwan

Formerly known as Formosa or "Beautiful Island", the island nation of Taiwan remains an enchanting beauty to this very day. Best characterized by both strength and splendor, Taiwan is an economic superpower yet remains a haven of cultural riches. With the bustling industrial city of Taipei as its center, Taiwan has achieved international acclaim as one of the "Four Asian Tigers."

Visitors are feted with world class accommodation in every major city in Taiwan. Foremost is the Les Suites Taipei Hotel (Ching-Cheng) located in downtown Taipei, which is described as the "Best Hotel for Business and Pleasure". It is surprisingly near Taipei City's commercial centers like the World Trade Center and the Taipei 101 Tower and cultural attractions like the Wu-Lai Aborigine Village and Hot Spring or Tam Sui Fisherman's Wharf. Down south, the equally beautiful city of Kaushiung pampers its guests with splendid accommodations. The Grand Hi Lai Hotel tops the recommended list of hotels. Authentic Chinese massage and other soothing spa treatments are offered at its own Spa Center.

One of Taiwan's best kept treasures is the world famous Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. It is the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan as well as a premier tourist attraction. Every year, tourists flock to the Sun Moon Lake for the Mid-Autumn Festival which is known for its grand fireworks display, laser shows and concerts. Visitors looking for a grand vacation at Sun Moon Lake will find it at The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake. Having a breathtaking view of the lake, The Lalu also boasts of five-star amenities and very courteous hotel staff.