Hotels in Russia

Russia, occupying seventeen (17) million square kilometers, over 1/8 of Earth's land surface, is the world's largest country. Not surprisingly, it is rich in natural resources including gas, coal, timber and oil. Inhabited by over one hundred (100) ethnic groups, Russian culture is expectedly diverse. Visitors to Russia can enjoy the splendor of its architecture, history, and performing arts, notably the ballet, opera, and circus. Dubbed as the "sightseer's paradise," Russia caters to every taste, from the cultural scholar to the nature-loving tourist.

Moscow, Russia's capital, boasts of five-star hotels such as the Golden Ring Hotel, minutes away from the Red Square and Kremlin museums in downtown Moscow. Overlooking the Kremlin, the recreation and shopping center, and about half an hour from the international airport is the luxurious National Hotel. For the budget-conscious traveler, the Sheremetyevo-2 Hotel, just a 3-minute walk away from the international airport, can fit the bill. While the Maxima Irbis Hotel, a short distance from the city center, and Moscow apartments are for family and business travelers.

St. Petersburg, the City of Tsars, is a popular destination outside Moscow. Divided into sections by the River Neva and its tributaries, it is often referred to as Northern Venice. It offers luxury accommodations including Grand Hotel Europe, the esteemed choice of visiting dignitaries. Couples should check out the Astoria Hotel and discover why it was included in 2007 Forbes' Valentines Day list of the most romantic hotels in the world. Modest accommodations include the Russ Hotel, St. Petersburg Hotel with its riverside views, and Okhtinskaya-Victoria Hotel on the bank of the Neva river, which offers shuttle service to main thoroughfare Nevsky Prospekt. While St. Petersburg offers skiing, safari, tandem parachute jump, windsurfing, and sightseeing cruises, among others.