Hotels in Papua New Guinea

Officially known as the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the country is located in Oceania. The island is known for its exotic flora and fauna, and diverse geography. Papua New Guinea is one of the world's least explored destinations, adding to the appeal and charm that have lured backpackers and adventure enthusiasts around the world.

There are not as many hotels in Papua New Guinea as other popular tourist destinations around the world, mainly because it still remains largely unexplored. However, there are still options for hotels in Papua New Guinea for the adventurous traveler, although they may be quite expensive. The Ambua Lodge is a pricey yet very comfortable hotel, and those who are willing to splurge will not be disappointed with services and first-class facilities. The Rapopo Plantation Resort has the perfect beachfront location with excellent services and stunning views. The rustic decor adds to the charm, and they also have diving facilities.

For travelers looking for a quiet vacation in a beautiful stunning location, Papua New Guinea is it. Forests are waiting to be discovered, while the culture has very interesting facets, such as the use of sea shells as currency in some regions. The Lamana Hotel offers standard hotel services yet assures a comfortable stay and friendly staff. The Quality Hotel Gateway has its own tour operator who can guide guests around many nearby historical attractions. The hotel has a pool and offers quality accommodations for those on a budget.