Hotels in Myanmar

Traveling to Myanmar gives the traveler a chance to experience the best of Asia. It has untouched jungles, stunning beaches, snowy mountains, and a local culture so beautifully preserved in the people and the environment.

Hotels in Myanmar cater to a diverse range of travelers, although they are generally easy on the budget. Even 4-star hotels in Myanmar can still be quite affordable to the Western traveler. The Liberty Hotel, a former colonial home, was redesigned to provide a clean, safe haven to weary travelers. They will surely appreciate the warm hospitality of the staff, spotless rooms, and quietness of the surroundings. The Summer Palace Hotel offers excellent value for money, with conference and business facilities as well. The Traders Hotel Yangon never disappoints, as it carries with it the signature brand known for first-class service for guests.

Each area in Myanmar has a unique charm. Yangon for its sparkling lakes, colonial architecture, and majestic pagodas and temples; Pyay for the ancient Thyekkhittaya; Mandalay for more temples, dance, and local crafts; and Bagan for thousands of pagodas and glittering temples. Hotels in Myanmar are affordable yet extremely cozy. For travelers who want to enjoy the rugged landscape of Mongolia and go home to first-class recreation and amenities, the Bagan Golf Resort and Spa is the ideal choice. The resort has an 18-hole golf course, restaurant, bar, and a large swimming pool. The Mandalay City Hotel is situated in the heart of Mandalay, and has standard hotel facilities including a garden and swimming pool.