Hotels in Mongolia

Located in Central and Eastern Asia, Mongolia is a landlocked country, which in its history, was under the rule of a number of nomadic rulers. Most of the landscape of Mongolia is made up of steppes. The Gobi Desert lies on the south, and harsh cold mountain regions are on the country's north and west. Mongolia's rugged terrain and extreme climates (hot in the summer and very cold in the winter) attract adventurous travelers who seek to challenge themselves with the environment and weather conditions.

Hotels in Mongolia are always clean and pleasant. Michelle Hotel in Ulaanbaatar provides budget accommodations and quality services. Talented Chinese cooks serve mouthwatering cuisine in the hotel restaurant. For a luxurious stay in Mongolia, the Kempinski Khan Palace Hotel is a glittery plush hotel with modern amenities and decor. There are also alternative hotels in Mongolia that offer a unique getaway. For an authentic stay at the outskirts of Mongolia, the Khustai National Park is where guests can experience what it is like to sleep in a ger, a traditional Mongolian dwelling.

For many people, the real gem in visiting Mongolia is the fact that nature in the country is preserved and can be experienced as nature has intended. But travelers do not need to worry; hotels in Mongolia provide homey rooms and excellent service. The Bayangol Hotel is one of the older and most established hotels in Mongolia, and they offer very comfortable accommodations and complete facilities. The Hotel Mongolia by the Tulul River features Mongolian architecture with modern amenities and excellent services. Even while staying in a beautiful local-themed hotel, guests can enjoy the comfort of home, business facilities, and delicious food.