Hotels in Lebanon

Lebanon, officially known as the Lebanese Republic, is located in Western Asia. The topography of the country is generally mountainous. During winter, skiing is a popular recreation for both locals and visitors. Lebanon has a little of everything: sleepy fishing villages, lively nightlife, ultramodern areas, and ancient sites. It is famous for its mouthwatering local cuisine as well.

Hotels in Lebanon vary from budget to opulent hotels. Whether for the solo backpacker or the traveling family, hotels in Lebanon have something for just about everyone. La Memoire Hotel in Baalbeck gives visitors an authentic Lebanese stay, as it is also located in the historic center. The charming decor and hospitality, clean and pleasant rooms, and delicious food make it a popular choice. The Mzaar Sports Chalets offer plush, 5-star accommodation close to the ski slopes. Hotel services include firewood delivery and laundry. Hotel Cavalier is a well-known business hotel in the area, with 24-hour Internet access and superb conference facilities.

Combining the ancient and the modern world, a stay in Lebanon is always fulfilling. In Baalbeck, visitors are treated to historic temples, while the seaside area of Byblos is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy fresh seafood in a charming harbor. Beirut is considered to be the liveliest city in the Middle East, and taking a stroll in the streets will surely not disappoint. Hotels in Lebanon are always ready to provide warm hospitality and comfort. The Hotel Koura in Tripoli has a rustic allure that just can't be denied, perhaps it's the brick walls and cozy beddings, but travelers can be assured of cleanliness and a warm welcome. In Sidon, the newly renovated Al-Qualaa Hotel is situated in a port that goes as far back as the Crusader Period.